Industrial Equipment Defined

How To Buy Industrial MachineryExperienced Industrial Equipment Brokers

Industrial automation is a growing market and is expected to exceed 5% growth within the next few years. For that reason, it’s essential to stay current on developments in industrial automation. Looking at ways you can reconstruct your manufacturing process to embrace industrial automation technology will increase efficiency and greater productivity.

For over 50 years, VX-LLC, a Van Deilen family-owned business, has been specializing in buying and selling used processing equipment for various industries. Our mission is to provide buyers and sellers of process equipment with a value-filled, service-oriented experience for complete customer satisfaction. We handle selling and brokering and dismantling, packaging, shipping, and installation services.

VX-LLC advertises equipment all over the world. Our international customer database utilizes the latest media marketing tools to guarantee immediate, broad exposure to a global market of equipment buyers. Not only does VX-LLC have a strong foundation in international culture and languages, but their multi-discipline technical knowledge also provides them the tools to assess, acquire, deliver, and install any equipment anywhere in the world.

A Second Life For Your Equipment

When planning your upgrades, you can avoid the high disposal and storage costs by selling off old equipment. This not only provides the equipment with a second life elsewhere but gets you with the funds needed for improvements. Industrial machines tend to have a long life and, when in good condition, can be repurposed for many uses elsewhere in the world where the latest machinery either isn’t needed or affordable.

By upgrading your equipment and controlling software, you can improve your production line and widen your profit margin. But doing so means decommissioning older equipment and finding and installing new equipment. While it sounds like an expensive process, many of the costs can be lessened or eliminated by working with a business experienced with machine purchasing and sales, shipping, and installation.

Full-Service Treatment

After choosing VX-LLC to handle your equipment brokerage, sales, and acquisitions, you will receive full-service treatment. VX-LLX is actively engaged in the process as they find the best sales channel for your equipment and needs.

Whether you’re looking to sell or acquire rolling mills, slitting lines, coil-handling equipment, or more, VX-LLC can find what you’re looking for and get you set up and running and help you dispose of your old equipment to offset the costs of your upgrades. Their unmatched experience means your business can get a leg up over the competition.

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