Inventory #: VX-33019


General Specifications:
Year of Manufacture: 2001

Line Includes:
Channel type induction melting furnace Pik 1500 by ZAM Kety:
Total Capacity: 3600 kg
Charge Capacity: 1500 kg
Active Power: 340 - 410 kW
Frequency: 50 Hz
Channel type induction casting furnace by Demag - Technica :
Total Capacity: 2400 kg
Active Power: 150 kW
Frequency: 50 Hz
Flat mould consisted with closed frame, copper cooler and graphite mould with the following parameters:
Thickness: 13 mm to 18 mm
Width: 300 mm to 450 mm
Length: 250 mm
Drawing machine - by Demag Technika used for drawing a strip out from a mould
Milling machine FR4 with a spray cooling by Demag - Technica used for both side strip milling
Maximum Milling Thickness: 1.5 mm on side
Maximum Width: 450 mm
Flying Shear - by Demag Technica, used for cutting of the strip in movement, sizes:
Maximum Strip Size: 20 mm x 450 mm
Coiling Machine - by Demag - Technica used for coiling of Casted Strips
Maximum Strips Width: 450 mm
Maximum Thickness of Strips: 18 mm
Inside Diameter: 600 mm
Outside Diameter: 1800 mm

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