Inventory #: VX-2184


General Specifications:
Year Built & Modifications:
- Original Line (Gary Blanking Line) Reel: 1978
- Original Installation at Present Location: 1988
- Addition of RBI Straightener & Edge Trimmer: 1998
- Hydraulic Upgrade & PLC Upgrade: 2005

Line Specifications:
Thickness: .020" Minimum to 0.070" Maximum
Strip Width: 12" Minimum to 60" Maximum
Coil Size Entry:
- ID: 16" to 20" (24" with Sleeves)
- OD: 60"

Line Includes:
- 43,000 Lbs. Weight Capacity
- 18-1/2" - 24-1/2" expansion range
- Sliding Base (On Rail Type Wheels)

A North American Strip Center Guide Control unit

Peeler Table (Breaker): 60" Maximum Width

Feeder & Straightener:
- 60" Maximum Width
- Entry & Exit Pinch Rolls
- Dual Speed Hi/Lo Control

Edge Trimmer & Scrap Cutter:
- 60" Maximum Width
- .070" Maximum Thickness
- Minimum Trimmed Strip Width: 10.5"
- Scrap Width/Side: 3/16" to 3"

Pit Thread (Table System): 12" Minimum Width; .070" Maximum Thickness

Motor Grip Feed: Stroke Length = 72"; 12" min. width for 9" Gripper
Sheet Length: 10" Minimum Stacked, 144" Maximum (Two Strokes)
Squareness Accuracy: .015" Square, .030" Difference in Diagonal
Length Accuracy: +/- 0.005"

Equipment Description:
The existing Cut to Length Line was installed in 1987. It has been modified and upgraded multiple times.
There is an assortment of new equipment purchased from Red Bud Industries (RBI) and miscellaneous
used and custom engineered equipment.

RBI Straightener: This unit provides continuous and consistent removal of coil-set.
The unit has two (2) entry pinch rolls, seven (7) straightening work rolls and two (2) backed up exit pinch
rolls for greater pull. A dual hi-low speed control system that is independently adjustable for mark free

RBI Edge Trim Unit:
The trim speed is synchronized with the straightener. Precise trimming is achieved with floating heads
and single point blade clearance and penetration. Blade position is indicated via visual display.

RBI Scrap Cutters and Carts:
Each trimmed edge is automatically threaded into scrap cutters and the cut scrap pieces drop into one
of two scrap carts. Each cart has an angle bottom for easy scrap removal. The carts are equipped with
rigid and swivel caster wheels for ease of mobility. These carts are also designed for easy fork truck handling.

RBI Thread System:
Provides contoured entry and exit ramps over which the steel ribbon belt is raised and lowered. This unique
and efficient method of transporting the strip across the accumulation loop is a one-man push button operation.
The addition of material containment rails prevents light gauges material from buckling during threading.
The steel ribbon belt is hydraulically raised and lowered into the pit which allows for processing material
mark and kink free.

RBI Motor Grip Feed System:
Unit has a dual gripper with full line control. Gripper wear does not affect accuracy or speed. Precise
with +/- .005" repeat length capability and a quick adjust for different lengths.

Maximum material process rate is 200 FPM with 60% of time for press or shear.

RBI Shear:
The husky material hold downs do not allow the material to slip. The shear provides a quick adjustment for
blade clearance and no obstructions for direct blank drop and simple stacking. It has a simple and quick
camber adjustment with a three-point full width support of material before stacking.

RBI Drop Stacker:
This stacker provides excellent, tumble-free, straight and even stacks on large or small blanks. Minimum
width is 12" and maximum length is 144". Width and lengths adjustments are both with manual controls.

Stacker mounts directly to the shear to conserve space and each part drops only inches on to the stacking table.

RBI Stack Table:
The table is rated for 10,000 pounds at maximum of 144". The maximum stack height is 20 inches
(Including pallet height). The table produces excellent stacks because the feed system has the material
stopped and aligned. The stack table automatically lowers as material is cut.

The hydraulic lift table is designed to allow full capacity loading on one end.

Pallets/Skids Rollouts Conveyor & Scale Section:
The rollout section can accommodate different length stacks and skids. It can handle 10,000 lbs and has
two rail sections on 30" centers. Roll out to rear and finished stack move out with a touch of a button.
The floor storage conveyor has a load cell scale for weighing the finished skids. The scale capacity is
10,000 lbs.

No Coil Car Included with Line

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