Inventory #: VX-2258


Line Specifications:
Manufacturer: Strilich Technologies, Inc.
Material: Aluminum
Shear Stress: 35,000 - 50,000 psi
Yield Stress: 35,000 - 50,000 psi
Coil Weight Entry: 22,000 Lbs.
Coil O.D. Entry: 72"
Coil I.D. Entry: 20"
Coil Width Entry: 22"-48"
Strip Thickness Entry: .040"-.190"
Cut to Length Range: 36"-148-1/4"
Line Speed: 0-125 FPM (infinitely variable)
Sheet Flatness: Straightener (Remove Coil Set Only)
Stacker: Automatic Drop Type - 6,000 Lbs. Capacity
Passline: 48" through Flying Shear
Electrical Supply: 480 Volts/3 phase/60 hz
Compressed Air Supply: 480 'Jolts/3 phase/50 hz
Direction of Feed: Right to Left

Equipment Specifications:
Strilich Hydraulic side Mast Type Coil Car
- Maximum Coil Weight: 22,000 Lbs.
- Maximum Coil Width: 48"
- 0-28" full load vertical coil lift capacity allows the removal of partially run coils and requires
no foundation trench
- Vertical lift through hydraulic cylinder action with safety check valve
- Hydraulic power supplied from main stock reel power pack
- Electrical pushbutton controls operate vertical lift and horizontal travel
- Hydraulic drive provides positive horizontal travel
Strilich Single Mandrel Stock Reel With 22,000 Lbs. Maximum Coil Weight Capacity
- Maximum Coil Width Capacity: 48"
- 72" maximum coil O.D.
- 18-1/2" to 24-1/2" hydraulic three arm mandrel expansion range
- Heavy steel cover leaves with tapered nose for easy coil loading
- Wedge type expansion provides coil stability and constant hydraulic loading through the entire
expansion range
- Designed for accessibility and easy maintenance
- Heavy duty construction
- Hydraulic powered urethane covered overarm snubber roll with banding groove
- Hydraulic feed-up threading drive
- Hydraulic slide base +/- 6" horizontal travel with manual control for reel positioning
- Air drag brake, water cooled
Strilich 8 Ft. Long Hydraulic Z-Type Peeler Table
- Maximum strip width: 48"
- Heavy duty fabricated structural steel construction
- 1" thick beveled nose reinforced peeler plate
- Heavy duty hydraulic table positioning cylinders
- Cylinders piped to valve manifold
- Free-standing operator control console
Strilich Adjustable Entry Guide
- Maximum material width: 48"
- Heavy duty welded structural steel frame
- Four sided hardened guide plates are mounted on heavy duty machined steel blocks with acme nuts
- Guides are adjusted off centerline through left and right hand acme screws via handwheel
- Makes the initial centerline threading of the lead edge into the straightener pinch rolls easier
Strilich Combination 4" &6" Diameter x 7 Work Roll Straighteners on Common Base
- Maximum strip width capacity: 48"
- Material thickness capacity: .040" - .190"
- Common variable speed AC vector drive geared for 125 FPM maximum roll speed
- 7 work rolls (3 over 4) - hardened and ground work rolls in each machine
- Powered 6" diameter air-loaded entry pinch rolls
- All work rolls and pinch rolls are chain driven
Strilich Flying Cut-Off System
- Hydraulic cut-off die complete with D2 HC-HC cut-off blades
- Rack and pinion die accelerator
- Indramat Closed Loop DC Servo Drive and Control
- Cut-off die mounted on precision ball type slide ways
- Roller sheet support tables supplied
Strilich 48" x 144" Belt Type Transfer and Inspection Conveyor
- AC variable speed drive
- Wheels and track to manually push off line to one side of the machine in order to provide
access to permit changing the shear blades on the flying shear
Strilich Drop Type Sheet Stacker
- Air operated drop arms and bell mouth side pans adjusted off centerline
- Air operated back tamper
- 48" x 150" hydraulic lift table complete with powered roller top conveyor for end discharge
Strilich Pallet (Side) Loader to feed pallets into stacker from front side location
All electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and operator control stations supplied
- Main operator's control station is equipped with:
1. Meter which indicates machine speed in ft/min.
2. Device which will permit operator to preset the number of parts to be cut and
which will then stop the machine when preset number of parts has been obtained

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