400 mm - 1600 mm Novastilmec Cut to Length Line (Used)
Inventory #: VX-2350


Technical Data:


year 2001/2005

strip width 400 - 1.600 mm
strip thickness 0,4 - 2 mm

sheet bar length 400 - 6.000 mm

coil-Ø max. 1.700 mm
coil weight max. 15 t

speed max. 50 m/min.

working direction right left

The line consists of:
Turnstile 4 arms
Coil carriage
design overfloor
Paper winder pneumatisch
Decoiler with shifting base plate and hold-down device
mandrel- 508/610 mm
expansion hydraulic
hold-down device hydraulic
snubber roll hydraulic motor
shifting base plate +/- 100 mm
main drive electric motor
driving power 11 kW
Strip edge control hydraulic motor
Coil opener/pinch roll unit/leveller
no. of pinch rolls 2
main drive 3-phase-current motor
Crop shear hydraulic
Edge trimmer
shaft-Ø 140 mm
blade-Ø 305 mm
cutting gap adjustment electric
immersion depth adjustment electric
width adjustment electric
main drive electric motors
driving power 22,5 kW
design cassettes
no. of levelling rolls 23
levelling roll-Ø 42 mm
levelling roll bearing needle bearing
no. of intermediate rolls 25
intermediate roll-Ø 38 mm
no. of supports on top/at the bottom 7
height adjustment of levelling rolls electric
swivelling/tilting adjustment of levelling rolls hydraulic
adjustment of bottom rolls (bending) hydraulic
main drive electric motors
driving power 110 kW
Foiling device
Looping pit with carry-over device
Pinch roll unit
no. of pinch rolls 1
main drive servo motor
driving power 3,5 kW
Cross-cut shear
design standing shear
cutting gap adjustment electric
Stacker I + II
design swivelling arm
Stacker III + IV
design swivelling arm
Runout roller tables

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