72´´ x .275´´ x 60,000 LBS. HERR-VOSS CUT-TO-LENGTH LINE (USED)
Inventory #: VX-2357


Manufacturer: Herr Voss
Type of Material: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized
Yield Strength: 45,000 PSI at Max Gauge
Gauge Range: .067” - .275”
Coil Weight: 64,000#
Coil Width: 74” Max – 18” Min (1/2” Min – 1 ½” Max Each Side for Side Trimming)
Coil I.D.: 18 ½” – 24 ½”
Max Coil O.D.: 72”

Line Includes:
Entry Coil Car
Uncoiler w/ Outboard Support
Peeler/ Hold down Unit
-5 Roll
-8" Diameter Rolls
Vinyl Applicator - For Stainless
Shear, High Speed
- Positive Stop
Belt Conveyor
Herr-Voss Leveler
-Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, and stainless
-19 Rolls with 5 Back Up Rolls
-.067"-.275" thickness
-18-72" width
-45,000 PSI Yield
-180 FPM
Conveyor, 100'
Stacker w/ Pinch Roll Feed
-Drop Type
-Sheet Length: 38” – 20’ Gauge Mode
-30’ Long in Digital Feed Mode
-Pack Weight: 20,000# Max
-Pack Height: 18” Pack plus 6” Skid
-Includes Exit Conveyor, Stacker, and Scissor Table

Upgraded Alcos Entry Line with Mandrel Outboard Support

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