72´´ X .125´´ X 60,000 LBS ALCOS MULTI-BLANK LINE (USED)
Inventory #: VX-2360


Materials: CRS, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Pre-painted
Coil Width: 24” - 72”
Coil O.D.: 72”
Coil I.D.: 20” & 24” (18.5” min Drum Size)
Strip Thickness: .030” - .125” Carbon
Sheet Length: 12” - 144”
Yield Strength 45,000 PSI

Equipment List:
4 Arms x 40,000# Coil Storage Capstan Turnstile
Floor Type Coil Car
Mandrel Uncoiler
Edge Guide
Water Cooling Unit
Pinch Roll
Alcos Injector Slitting System (2000)
-8" Diameter Arbors
Scrap Winder with Hydraulic Pusher and Scrap Box
Bronx Leveler
-1.75" Dia Rolls, 17 Roll, 5-HI Corrective, 7 Banks of Back-Ups
Loop Pit Carry-Over Table
Measuring Roll Unit
Down-Cut Shear
Multi-Sheet Stacker
-4 Sections, 15' Each

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