98´´ (2500mm) x 25mm x 70,000 Lbs. Cut-to-Length Line Used)
Inventory #: VX-2363


General Specifications:
Manufactured: 2011

Material Specifications:
Width: 1200mm - 2500mm
Coil O.D.: 1000mm - 2200mm
Coil I.D.: 720mm - 780mm
Maximum Coil Weight: 35 Metric Tons
Stack Length: 2,000mm - 15,000mm
Finished Product Height: 350mm
Thickness Range: 8.0mm - 25mm
Steel Strength: 540 MPA - 345 MPA
Speed: 0-30 MPM @ 8mm, 0 - 15 MPM @ 25mm

Consisting of:
2 - Coil Storage

Entry Coil Car

Double Coner Uncoiler
45 kW Motor


12 Roll Leveler
Double Set of Pinch Rolls: 460mm Diameter
6 Roll Coil Breaker: 400mm Diameter
Exit Pinch Roll: 460mm Diameter
160 kW Motor

Dust Remover

Edge Guides

Conveyor Loop Section

Edge Trimmer
55 kW Motor

2 Scrap Winders

2nd Conveyor Loop Section

Edge Guides

7 Roll Backed Up Leveler
200 kW Motor
260mm Diameter Rolls

Measuring Device

Hydraulic Shear

Scrap Cart


11 Roll Backed Up Finish Leveler
280 kW Motor
260mm Diameter Rolls
Top & Bottom Back-Ups


15 Meter Side Squaring

Flat Chain Exit Conveyor

10 Meter Discharge Exit Conveyor End

Eurotherm / Parker Digital Drives
Siemens PLC

Complete Line in Excellent Condition

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