Inventory #: VX-32030


Ladle Furnace:

Mfg. date Mar. 2009
Heat normal 150ton
Heat maximal 160ton
Heat minimal 70ton
Heating Rate Max.4~5°C/min.
Electrode Type - Premium grade
Arm type - Cu-plate
Size - D=450 inch
Length - 3 x 1800mm
Nominal power 20MVA
Max. electric current Approx. - 40KA
Roof Cooling type -Water cooled
Type - Roof with fume collection hood
Lifting stroke 400mm
Transformer 22900V, 18MVA(Hyundae-Korea)

Rail Car for Ladle:

Mfg. date Mar. 2009
Max load 250ton
Travel speed Max. 18m/min.
Automatic gas connection Yes
Version with brake Yes
Rail type A100 DIN 536
Wheel 4 ea
Traveling Geared motor 2sets
Tilting stool no
On board hydraulic no
Weighting system no

Dust Collector for LF and ACS:

Maker Dong Yang Magic-Korea
Mfg. date Mar. 2009
Type Pulse Jet Cleaning
Clean method Outside filtering method by high press air jet inside
Capacity 2000Am3 / min. at 160°C
Arrange 4 Chamber
Filteration area 1616m2
Filteration velocity 1.23m/min.
Motor power 4p 200KW x 2sets

ACS (Automatic subsidiary material input system) for LF:

Maker DaeJin Teck - Korea
Mfg. date Mar. 2009
Type Hooper and transfer in duct
Storage bin 15m3 x 12ea. , 30m3 x 1ea
Weight bin 1.5m3 x 4ea
Max. capacity 200ton / hour
BC #1 conveyor speed 47.23m/min.
BC #2 conveyor speed 70m/min.
BC3#3 conveyor speed 60m/min.

12MVA Transformer for LF

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