Inventory #: VX-32031


Year 2007
Model HICON / H2
Type HOg 200/650 St-H2-B
Total Annealing Capacity: 240,000 Ton/Year
Hydrogen Atmosphere

Coil OD 2000mm
Charge Height: 6.5 Meters

Operating Temperature Range (Inside Inner Cover): 280-750C
Temperature Ceiling in Heating Chamber: 850C
Combustion System Rating: 1400kW

Heating Bells with Gas Firing
High Velocity Gas Burners
1 Burn-Out Burner
Fuel Gas and Combustion Air Supply Lines
Shut-off and Control Valves
Electric Ignition System
Burner Control System
Thermal Insulated Recuperator (Plus Ductwork and Expansion Joints) to Preheat Combustion Air (Stack Gas is Discharged into the Building)
Combustion Air Blower
Slow Cooling System

High-Convection Workbases
Heat Resistant Diffuser
Water Cooled Seal Element to Provide Hermetic Seal when Inner Cover is Placed on Workbase
Heat –Resistant High-Capacity Atmosphere Recirculation Fan
Atmosphere Supply and Vent Lines
Cooling Water Supply and Drain Lines
Gas-Tight Cable Leadthroughs
Thermocouple with T/C Extension Wire
Hydraulic Clamping

Cooling Bells
Electric Blowers at Top of Bell
Water Spray System in Top Section of Bell

Inner Covers
Heat-Resistant Alloy Steel Plate Cover (Material Code 1.4828)
Carrier Ring for Lifting Inner Cover
Sealing Flange to Fit onto Workbase Gas-Tight

Valve Stand

Intermediate Convector Plates

Final Cooling Stands
To Cool Down a Coil Stack from 160C Coil Core Temperature to Skin-Pass Temperature
Flow Rate: Abt. 17,000 m/h
Pressure: 10mbar
Speed: 1500 RPM

Pressure Control and Reducing Stations

Hydraulic Power Unit with Stand By Pump

Stack Gas Exhaust System

13 x Power Panel “Per Workbase”

13 x Control Cabinet “Per Workbase”
PLC with Basic Rack, CPU with Internal Power Supply
Digital I/O Modules
Operator Panel with Keypad
Miniature Circuit Breaker

Central Operating System / COS
The Central Operating System (COS) is Provided for Supervising and Controlling the Whole Facility

User Interface

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