78´´ Roll Face x 8´´ Diameter Cauffiel Flex Roll Leveler (Used)
Inventory #: VX-10200


500" to .062" x 72" x 50,000 PSI Yield Strength
.375" x 72" x 90,000 PSI Yield Strength
Number of Rolls: 9
(4) Over (3) Roll Flattener Section to Produce Flatness
(2) Pinch Rolls with Flex Roll Between Pinch Rolls
Work Roll Diameter: 8"
Roll Face: 76"
All Rolls Driven With Heavy Universals and Enclosed Gears Running in Oil
Hydraulically Actuated Anti-Friction Screwdowns with Indicators
Individual Roll Adjustment for Superior Roll Bend for Removing Coil Set and Cross Bow
Motor - Thydraulic or DC Variable Speed
Speed: Same as Existing Leveler
Hydraulic Pump & Tank Unit with Valves for Roll Adjustments

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