Mills – Misc.

Miscellaneous Mills

Cluster Mill
The Cluster Mill is a special type of 4-HI Rolling Mill in which the work rolls are backed up by two or more of the larger backup rolls.

6-HI Mill
The special feature of 6HI Mills is the addition of a set of intermediate rolls with positive and negative bending and lateral shifting in order to influence the shape and flatness of the rolled strip.

Sendzimir Mill
Sendzimir Mills or Z-Mills are the most flexible and powerful of its kind. Used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the Z-Mill is designed to make significant reductions at higher speeds. The 20-HI roll “cluster” contains 12 rolls and 8 back-up roll assemblies. The sturdy, compact Mill Housing of the Sendzimir Mill eliminates deflection of work rolls and produces precise gauge tolerances. Manufacturers supply 20-Hi Mills in reversing or “single-pass” operations.

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