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The 40" Sendzimir Z-Mill as installed in 1946 had a mill speed of 0/400/800 feet per minute. The winders were arranged for two ranges of speed and tension; 0-535 feet per minute at 30,000 Lbs. tension and 0-1070 feet per minute at 15,000 Lbs. tension. About 1950, the control for the winder motors was changed to produce 0-340 feet per minute at 47,000 Lbs. tension and 0-680 feet per minute at 23,500 Lbs.. The original installation had 24" diameter solid mandrels and accommodated 54" outside diameter coils.

1.1 Mill Capabilities after Relocation:
Gauge: 0.010" Minimum
0.140" Maximum
Coil Width: 24" Minimum
38" Maximum
Coil Weight: 33,000 Lbs. Maximum
Coil Outside Diameter: 80" Maximum
Coil Inside Diameter: 24"
1.2 Rolling Conditions:
Reduction: 40% Maximum
Speed: Mill Speed range is 340 to 680 FPM
At 47,000 Lbs. tension, the mill speed is
340 FPM.
Maximum Strip Tension: 47,000 Lbs.
1.3 Pass Line: The pass line will be 42" above floor level
1.4 Product: The mill product will consist of all 20, 300, 400, and PH grades of stainless steel.
The description of mechanical equipment is as follows:
2.1 Left-Hand Winder: The winder is composed of the following:
Drum (New 1965):
Solid removable drum, 24" diameter by 54" face; with coupling, 8" face,
2 diametral pitch, stub teeth; coupling actuated by hydraulic cylinder,
6" bore by 5-1/4" stroke; drum held on double side frames, clamped by
hydraulic cylinders, 3" bore by 10-1/4" stroke.

Left-Hand Gear Reduction Unit (New 1965):
Ratio 7.62 to 1, 2 diametral pitch, 18" face, 20 degree involute, 30 degree
double helical teeth; pinion 11.500" pitch diameter, 175 teeth on
approximately 59.500" centers. Gear in speed: 125 revolutions per minute
equals 340 FPM for 80" diameter coil. Design: 500 Horsepower at 125
revolutions per minute input. A motor-driven lubrication pump with water cooling
will be furnished.

Clutch (New 1965)

Couplings (Existing):
The couplings and short shaft between motor armatures are existing and will
be moved to the new site.

Extended Shaft (New 1965):
An extended shaft with gear-type coupling halves will be furnished new
between the existing coupling halves at the new gear reduction unit and the
existing motor.

Left-Hand Paper Winder (Existing):
This item will be relocated to the new site.

Left-Hand Micrometer Gauge (New 1965):

Left-Hand Tub (New 1965):
This tub will be complete with coil kickout assembly.

Left-Hand Separator and Roll Support (New 1965):
Two new fabricated steel separators will be provided to tie the mill base to the
tubs on each end of the mill. The fabrication will be integral with deflector roll
supports that mount the existing deflector roll and bearings. The deflector roll
and bearing assemblies will be relocated to the new site and will be modified to
accept a pilot generator for reel buildup control.
2.2 Mill Proper:
The entire mill assembly will be relocated to the new site, except for the mill
motor extended shaft, which is new.

Mill Motor Extended Shaft (New 1965):
A shaft of longer length will be provided between the existing mill motor half
coupling and the drive half coupling.

Mill Pinion Stand and Coupling (Existing):
These items will be relocated.

Hydraulic Screwdown Equipment and Manual Control (Existing):
The existing screwdown equipment with control will be relocated.

Work Rolls (Existing): 2.125" to 1-13/16" minimum by 41" long.
Intermediate Rolls (Existing): 4" diameter by 44-1/2" body by 46-5/8" long.
Drive Rolls (Existing):
6.8125" diameter to 6.675" minimum by 40-1/2" body by 47-7/8" long.
Drive Rolls (Existing): 6.8125" diameter by 40-1/2" body by 48-1/8" long.
Bearings (Existing):
11.8110" outside diameter by 5.118" inside diameter, 3.130" thick.
Drive (Existing):
Waterbury Farrell, five pinions, 15" face, 12.090 pitch diameter, one direct
shaft motor, four direct shafts to the mill, two Hyquip 4-1/2" bore by 5" stroke
cylinders for shifting intermediate rolls.
2.3 Right-Hand Winder"
The description of the Right-Hand Winder is exactly the same as that for the
Left-Hand Winder, except opposite hand.
2.4 Banding (New 1965):
The necessary manual air banding will be furnished. Provisions will be made
for air connections and mounting equipment.
2.5 Oil Cellar Fire Protection System (New 1965):
The oil cellar will have an automatic sprinkler fire protection system installed.
2.6 Motor Ventilation System (New 1965):
Blowers, motors, duct work, grilles, and all equipment, will provide air
circulation to equipment in the basement and motor room.
2.7 Automatic Gauge Control System:
Provisions (only) will be made to accommodate a future automatic gauge
control system.
2.8 Roll Grinders:
Two existing roll grinders will be relocated as follows:
No. 6 Roll Grinder:
One 14" and 16" by 72" Cincinnati Roll Grinder will be moved. New
accessories to be purchased for this grinder include: one set of twelve leveling
blocks, and one set of four anchor bolts with pedestal bases.

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