Inventory #: VX-17381


1) Plate Receiving & Handling
1.a) Unstacker Crane
2) Plate Planing
2.a) Entry Conveyor
2.b) Plate Planers
2.c) Planer Runout Conveyor
2.d) Plate Transfer Conveyor
3) Plate Forming
3.a) Edgebreaker
3.b) U-Press
3.c) O-Press
4) Tack Welding Fixture
5) Inside Seam Welders
5.a) Welding Equipment
Carriage Drive System
5.b) Flux Recovery Equipment
5.c) Hydraulic Power Source
5.d) Hydraulic Pipe Clamping Equipment
6) Outside Seam Welders
6.a) Flux System
6.b) Carriage Drive System
6.c) Pipe Handling Equipment
7) Hydraulic Expander
7.a) Expander Pipe End Preparation
7.b) Pipe Washer
7.c) Pipe Handling Equipment
7.d) Hydraulic Equipment
High Pressure Pumps
Fill Pumps
7.e) Hydraulic Power Equipment
8) Pipe End Facing
8.a) Drive Assembly
8.b) Hydraulic Equipment
9) Pipe Weighing & Measuring
10) Pipe Repair Facilities
10.a) I.D. Weld Repair
10.b) O.D. Weld Repair
10.c) Pipe Burn-Off
11) Inspection Facilities
12) L.D. Pipe Shipping
13) Internal Pipe Coating
14) Conveyors & Skids

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