Inventory #: VX-17463


Manufacturer: Waterbury Farrel Foundry & Machine (USA)
Type: 20-HI Precision Cold Reversing Rolling Mill

With AGC (Automatic Gauge Control)

Model Number: ZR 23SC-25
Maximum Incoming Thickness: 0.140" (3.56mm)
Minimum Finish Thickness: 0.0025" (0.0635mm)
Maximum Coil Weight: 15,000 Lbs. (6,800 KG)
Speed Range: 0-1000 FPM (O-305m/Min.)
Maximum Tension:
20,000 Lbs. (9,071 KG) @ 1,000 FPM (305 mpm)
23,000 Lbs. (10,255 KG) @ 800 FPM (244 mpm)

Automatic Gauge Control System: New 2001
Type: Mass Flow
Thickness Gauges: Vollmer 0199/P90/9189
Readouts: 1 x VMF 3/90
1 x VMF 2000

Nominal Work Roll Diameter: 2.42" (61.46mm)
Backing Bearing Diameter: 8.858" (225mm)

Oil Mist Lubrication System on Billy Rolls and Wipers
Roll Wipers on Entry and Exit Sides

Pressure Board: Up to 1000 psi
HCS Positioning System
New (Partial) Upgrade to SCR D.C. Electrical Drive System Installed 2008

The Mill Consists Of:
Type: Pyramid Expanding Mandrel
Year Of Manufacturer: 2001
Mandrel I.D. Range: 19 1/2"- 20" (495mm - 508mm)
Mandrel Width: 26" (660mm)
Type Expansion: Hydraulic
Sliding Base
Maximum Coil Weight: 15,000 Lbs. (6800 KG)
Coil Snubber Holddown: Hydraulic
Paper Unwinder
6 Coil Entry Waiting Station
Coil Car
Drive Motor: 75 HP,400/1600 RPM, 600 Volts,
120 AMPS, G.E. D.C. Variable Speed
Gearbox: Horsburgh & Scott 400/1600 RPM, Ratio 1.2 to 1
Left And Right Winders:
Mandrel Diameter: 19 1/2"- 20" (495mm - 508mm)
Mandrel Face: 30" (762mm)
Uses Solid Block Cores
Coil Push-Off: Hydraulic
Coil Car
Right Coil Winder Rebuilt in 2010
Drive Motor: 2 x 250 HP, 240 Volt D.C., 500/1440 RPM

Reliance Variable Speed w/SCR Controls

Upgraded in 2008

Main Mill:
Roll Wipers Both Sides: 400 psi
Pressure Board: 1000 psi
Oil Mist Coolant System
Vollmer Gauges Both Sides
Automatic Gauge Control System: Mass Flow
Large Inventory of Spare Rolls, Backups, Etc.

Drive Motor: 600 HP, 300-750 RPM, 1050 AMPS,
Reliance with SCR Controls
Upgraded In 2008

Includes (3) Sets of Backing Assemblies

Includes a huge Inventory of Work Rolls including approximately:
900 Work Rolls
100 1st Intermediate Rolls
35 Drive Rolls
40 Wiper Rolls
28 Backing Bearings

Includes (5) Remote Operator B&C Crowns for Strip Shape

Includes Remote 1st Intermediate Lateral Adjustment for Edge Strip Control

Includes all Lubrication Tanks, Pumps, Piping, Spares, Drawings,

Controls, Operator Stations, Fume Exhaust System and Solid Blocks

Mill is still installed and ceased operation in 2013

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