Inventory #: VX-17467


Year of Manufacturer: 1960
Manufacturer: Waterbury Farrel ZR-22-50
Electrical Manufacturer: Westinghouse & Reliance
Year of Rebuild: 1995
Electrical upgrade consisting of:
o 8 New Digital Field Supplies
o New Tension Control
o New Solid State Constant Potential Supply
o New Sync Motor Exciter
Product: Stainless
Mill Speed: 710 FPM
Gauge Range: .014" - .200"
Wdith Capacity: 24" - 51.5"
Coil ID/OD: 24" I.D., 80" O.D.
Weight Capacity: 40,000Ibs.
Motor Detail: 1750 HP on mill & 1400 HP on each reel
Tension Range: 6,000-81,000 Ibs.
Work Rolls: 1.75" - 2.25" x 55"
Rolling Medis: Wallover 5-12%
Electrics Desc.: 3600hp sync motor, (2) 1150Kw & Wl400Kw Gen
Automation Description: Automation Equipment
o I Automax Millmaster
·2 Deeco MMl
o 8 Reliance DPS Motor/Gen field exciter
o 1 I2S AGC System
o 2 LFE AM241 Isotope gauge
o 2 Digitizer arms/tachs
o I I2S offline schedule calc

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