2.137´´ - 4.5´´ T&H LEMONT PIPE MILL (USED)
Inventory #: VX-17470


Year of Manufacture: 1981
Manufacturer: T&H Lemont
Product range: 2-3/8", 2-7/8", 3-1/8", 3-1/2", 4", 4-1/2" O.D.
Wall Thickness: .140” thru .337”
Annual Capacity: 100,000 tons of “full body normalized” ERW (HFI) OCTG and Line Pipe API tubular products.

Mill Includes:
Manufacturer: Loopco
Strip thickness: .120"-.400" max.
Strip width: 6" min. up to 15" max.
Slit coil diameter OD: 42" min. - 72" max.
Slit coil ID: 20" min. - 24" max.
Slit coil weight: 15,000 lb. max.
Mill Speed: 200 fpm max.
Year commissioned : 1981
Equipment includes: 3 arm coil holder, coil car, uncoiler, uncoiler drum, hold down roll and peeler, 5 roll flattener, flattener side guide, coil restraining arm, and coil breaker bar

End Joiner System: (Buttwelder)
Manufacturer: Lee Shaffer Company
Model: H68F
Equipment includes: Strip Clamp edge guide assembly, Spring loaded pass line roll assembly
Year commissioned: 1981

Overhead Looper system:
Manufacturer: Loopco
Equipment includes: Looper Tower, Idler Conveyor Rolls, Frames, Carriage, and Winch
Year commissioned : 1981

Pipe Mill:
Manufacturer: Turk and Heller
Model: U-60 tube mill
# of Stands: 8 (Four break down, three fin section) side roll stands inserted between each stand
Weld box: Rafter 4 roll weld box
Year commissioned : 1981

Mill Ultrasonic Unit:
Manufacturer: Inspectech
Channels: 4
Model: 12-41
Year commissioned : 2013

Sizing Section:
Manufacturer: Turk and Heller
# of Stands: 4
Year commissioned : 1981

Flying Cut-Off:
Manufacturer: Turk and Heller
Model: RC-66
Pipe Sizes: 2.375"-4.500"
Wall thickness: .110"-.375 max.
Max mill speed: 225 fpm
# of Knives: 3
Equipment includes: Cutter Housing, Clamp Jaws, Carriage Support Rolls, Carriage drive, Floor Jack Leveler system,

Normalizing Unit:
Manufacturer: Bone Frontier
Equipment includes: 5 induction heaters, 3 load station cabinets, 6 induction coils, 1 operator console,

Rotary Straightener:
Manufacturer: Sutton
Number of rolls: 6
Straightening speed: 150 450 fpm
Max Opening: 5.500"
Distance between inlet and outlet rolls: 42"
Year commissioned : 1981

Foerster Eddy Current and Demag unit:
Eddy Current Manufacturer: Foerster
Model: Defectomat
Operating Frequency: 3 khz

Manufacturer: Fairfield
# of Facers: 2

Manufacturer: Unknown
Handling Equipment: Taylor Wilson
Length Capability: Up to 45'
Pressure Capability: 5,000 PSI

*Complete Mill. Still Installed.

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