Inventory #: VX-19050


800 Ton Bliss Press:
Type: SE2-800-84-48
Tonnage: 800
Strokes Per Minute: 18 Fixed - Will vary with sheave change (15-25)
Slide Area (Left to Right, Front to Back): 84" x 48"
Slide Adjustment: 8
Bed Area (Left to Right, Front to Back): 82" x 48"
Bed Opening (Left to Right, Front to Back): 70" x 27"
Die Pace on Bed (S.A.D.U.): 70" x 27"
Strokes Per Minute: 20
Type Geared: Eccentric
Motor: 100 HP, 1200 RPM
Slide Adjustment Motor: 10 HP, 1800 RPM
Lubrication: Automatic Recirculating Oil
Clutch: 1202 "FK"
Weight: 185,000 Lbs. (Approximatel)
Feed Direction: Front to Back
Windows: 26" Wide x 43" High
Shut Height: 20" Minimum, 28" Maximum
Bolster: 9"
Pilot Capable: Yes
Pass Line: 16"
Compound Capable: Yes

Feed Line:
Type: Coilmatic - Coil Box - Straightener - Feeder
Gauge: .040" Minimum, .250" Maximum (Mild Steel)
Coil Weight: 30,000 Lb. Maximum
Coil Width: 60" Maximum
Coil I.D.: N/A
Coil O.D.: 62" Maximum
Progression: 48" Maximum

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