Inventory #: VX-19051


Manufacturer: Danly
Press Capacity: 800 Tons
Slide Stroke: 8"
Slide Adjustment Hand Motor: 12"
Shut Height on Bed: 44-1/2"
Bolster Thickness: 10-1/2"
Bed Area (RxL) x (FxB): 72" x 108"
Slide Area (RxL) x (FxB): 72" x 108"
Bed Opening (RxL) x (FxB): 51" x 74" ( - ) Ribs
Upright Opening (FxB) x H: 74" x 30"
Strokes Per Minute: 12 to 36
Drive Motor: 125 HP Reliance V-S Drive
Scrap Cutter 2-75-72

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