Inventory #: VX-19065


Manufacturer: Cincinnati
Year Manufactured: 1973
1000 Ton Capacity
14'5-3/4" between housings
18' total overall die surface with the following standard features:
16" Throat
Open Height: 24"
12" Stroke
12" Die Space
18' Bed
Standard Bed and Ram
1" x 15' over 10" Die Bending Capacity
Standard Ram Speeds:
62"/Min. Rapid Advance
34"/Min. Fast Press
14"/Min. Full Tonnage Press
27"/Min. Return and 50"/Min. Fast Return
Chrome Plated Pistons and Cylinders
Water Cooled Heat Exchanger
Bronze Lined Ram Slides and ANSI Bll.3 1973 Construction Compliance Features
(1) Operator Station and (1) Foot Switch
60 HP Motor for Operation on 460/3/60, TEFC #804382
Full Load Rating, Amperes 79.9
Largest Motor Rating, Amperes 76.0
Short Circuit Interrupting Capacity
Machine Overcurrent Protective Device=100,000 Amps
10 KVAR Power Factor Capacitor
Plane and Drill Bed and Ram for 7-3/4" Angles
Warning Plate with Operator Station
Micrometer Depth Stop - Automatic Programming Panel with 6 Stops for Micrometer Depth Stop

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