Inventory #: VX-33118


American Steel Line Co.
Grand Rapids 8 Michigan
Model 1000
Capacity - 10,000 lb. with traveling coil car

Panel Roll Former
B&K Roller Die Co., Ltd.
Drive Motor HP: 50hp
Drive Motor RPM: 1800/900
Spindle Gear Ratio: 1:1
Drive Housing Reduction Ratio: 12:1
Vertical Centers: 5-7"
Horizontal Centers: 20"
Roll Space: 36"
Spindle Diameter: 2.500"
Spindle Keyway: 3/8"
Base to Center Line of Bottom Spindle: 5.750"
Coolant Tank Capacity: 60gal.

Panel Line Controller
AMS Controls Inc.

Panel Shear
B&K Machinery International, Ltd.
Model: 3P-01
Drive Motor HP: 10hp
Drive Motor RPM: 1200
Flywheel RPM: 200
Clutch Capacity: 40 tons 1/8 up BDC
Cuts per Minute: 30
Stroke: 4"
Max Shut Height: 17-1/2"
Min Shut Height: 13-1/2"

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