16 Stand x 2-1/2´´ x 20´´ SAMCO Rollforming Line (Used)
Inventory #: VX-33135


General Specifications:
Manufacturer: Samco
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Number of Stands: 16
Line Direction: Right to Left
Spindle Diameter: 2-1/2"
Horizontal Centers: 12" on 1st set of Stands, 20" on 2nd Set
Roll Space: 24"
Vertical Adjustment: 7" - 11"
Motor HP: 100

Line Includes:
Turret Style Uncoiler
-Model #SU10000DE
-Capacity: 10,000 Lb.
-I.D.: 17.5" Minimum, 20.5" Maximum
-Width Coil Maximum: 24"
-O.D. Maximum: 60"
-Brake: Dual Pressure Air
-Mandrel Expansion
-Hydraulic, Dual Drum

Peeler, Hydraulic Up/Down, In/Out

Flattener with Entry Edge Guides, Dual Screw

-22-1/2" Roll Face
-3" Diameter Rolls, (2 Over 3)
-Entry Pinch & Exit Pinch Rolls w/ Exit Side Guides

Hydraulic Pre-Punch Unit, 25 HP Motor
(2 Different sizes that slide back and forth the dies)

Edge Guides

Large Set of Pinch Rolls, 5-1/2" Diameter

Cut Off, Hydraulic

Rollformer Info:
1st Set of 4 Stands
-Push button controls
-2-1/2" Diameter Spindle Size
-12" - 28" Roll Space
-12" Horizontal Centers on 1st 4 Stands
-7"-11" Vertical Centers

2nd Set of 12 Stands
-Adjustable base ( In/Out)
-7"-11" Vertical Centers
-20" Horizontal Centers

Drop Stacker, 36" Wide x 30' Long

Motor Info:
Hydraulic Systems, 60 HP AC Motor for Pump
Pre-Punch Motor, 25 HP
Main Drive Motor, 100 HP

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