26 Stand Bradbury Model No. 425 Side by Side Purlin Rollformer (Used)
Inventory #: VX-33149


Manufacturer: Bradbury
Year: 1986
Model No: 425
Serial No.: 15386
Spindle diameter: 3-1/2”
Vertical Adjust: 6-14”
Horizontal Centers: 22”
Rollspace : 24”
Drive Motor: 100 HP AC Motor
Speed: Appx 175 fpm
Number of Stand: 12 & 14 (Side by Side)

25,000 Lb. x 48" Uncoiler with Coil Car
Straightener with Pinch Rolls & Side guide Unit
Bradbury Servo Feed, Model #FR536
12 & 14 Stand Bradbury (Side-by-Side) Purlin Rollformer, Model #DW425
40 Ton Pearson 4-Post Cutoff Press w/ Product Die, Model #40273

*Includes Purlin Tooling
*Please note: 12 of the 14 “drive-side” stands require spindles

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