72´´ X .400´´ X 70,000 LBS LOOPCO SLITTING LINE (USED)
Inventory #: VX-1585


Manufacturer: Loopco
Year: 1981
Max Width: 72" trimmed, 74" untrimmed
Shear Strength: 75,000 psi max.
Gauge: .062"-.400"
Coil ID: 20"-30" on uncoiler
Coil ID: 24" on Recoiler
Max Weight: 70,000 lb.

Line Includes:
Coil Entry Station, Four Coil
Entry Pit Coil Car, Self Driven
Dual Cone Uncoiler and Drum
Peeler/Hold down Unit
Breaker Unit
-1 over 2
-84" Wide x 8" Diameter Rolls
-10 HP AC Feedup
Upcut Shear
-84" Blade Width
Pinch Rolls & Side Guide Unit
Slitter Head w/ Entry Side Guides
-76" Wide x 11" Diameter Arbor
-75 HP DC Motor
Scrap Winders
-Hydraulic w/ Hyd. Oscillating Eye
-Self Dumping
Tension Stand
Threading tables
-79" Wide x 24" Diameter, Hyd. Drum
-Left to Right Gripper
-250 HP DC Motor
Overarm Separator, Free Standing
Exit Coil Car
-78" Wide Bed
-Self Contained Hydraulics
Exit Turnstile.
-3- Arm, 76" Wide Arms

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