48´´ Loopco/Braner Slitting Line (Used)
Inventory #: VX-1626


General Specifications:
Line Direction: Left to Right

Line Includes:
-Uncoiler - Braner
Weight Capacity: 40,000 Lbs.
Width Capacity: 62"
I.D. Range: 19" to 25" Hydraulic Drum
Direction Right to Left
Hydraulic Slide Base
Hydraulic Orbit Feed Motor with Air Clutch & Water Brake
Attached Holddown
-Coil Car - Entry - Loopco (Orange) - Says Heavy Gauge Level Line
Twin 5" Bore Hydraulic Lift Cylinders
-Turnstile - 4 Arm - Pro-Eco
65" Wide Arms
61" Floor to Top of Arm
Hydraulic Rotate
-Slitter - Braner - 2 Head Turret
60" Wide x 8" Arbor
-Overarm Separator, Freestanding - Loopco
66" x 20" Diameter Drum
12" Shaft
40,000 Lbs.
Manual Gripper
Push Off
Right to Left
-Tension Stand
66" Pad & Roll Type
With Water Brake
-Turnstile - 4 Arm - Chicago
64" Wide
71" Floor to Top of Arm
Hydraulic Rotate
C-Hook Unload Design

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