60´´ x .500´´ x 60,000 Lbs. Paxson Slitting Line (Used)
Inventory #: VX-1639



Manufacturer: Paxson
Width Range: 1" - 62"
Entry End- Max Coil Width: 62"
Entry Min Coil Width:
.082-.112, 12"
.113-.171, 14"
.172-.239, 16"
.240-.312, 18"
.313-.450, 20"
Gauge Range: .096" - .490"
Weight Capacity: 60,000 Lbs.
Coil I.D. Entry: 20"
Coil I.D. Exit: 24"
Coil O.D.: 76"
Line Direction: Right to Left

Min Slit Width: 1.25"(.071-.171)
1.625" (.172-.300)
2.030" (.301-.450)

Max Cuts: 21 Cuts (.096-.250)
18 Cuts (.251-.312)
14 Cuts (.313-.375)
10 Cuts (.376-.427)
7 Cuts (.427-.450)

Complete Line with:

Entry L Type Coil Car
Floor Standing / Self Contained Hydraulics

Mandrel Uncoiler
4 Leaf Hydraulic Expansion
Sliding Base
Water Cooled Brake with Cooler
Attached Driven Hold-down Roll
-Hyd. Feed-Up Motor
-Air Clutch

Peeler (Heavy Duty - Twin Hed. Cylinder)
Pinch Roll/ Breaker Roll Unit
-10" Diameter Rolls
-1 over 2 Breaker Roll, 8" Diameter (Heavy Duty)

Shear w/ Entry Pinch & Dual Side Guides
-68" Wide Blade

3 Slitter Heads
12" Diameter Arbors
8" Diameter Entry Pinch Rolls & Side Guides (Twin Roll)
-Crane Remove Type
-200 HP DC, 1750/2000 RPM, 500 Volt Motor. Two Speed Gearbox

2 Scrap Winders
AC Variable Speed Vector Drives

Carryover Pinch Roll Device
Looping Pit Table

Strillich Drag Board Tension Stand
Exit Crop Shear
-Hyd. Downcut
Passline Pinch Rolls w/ Feed Table to Recoiler

68" Wide x 24" Diameter Hyd. Drum w/Hyd. Gripper (1/2" Opening), R to L
-150 HP DC, 850/1750 RPM, 550 Volt GE Motor. Two Speed Gearbox, 2.55:1 and 1.0:1
Over arm Seperator
Floor standing over arm Seperator Support

Exit Coil Car
Floor Standing / Self Contained Hydraulics
Coil Hold Down Roll for Slit Mults

Large quantity of Tooling, Knives, Rubbers, Spacers
Parker Digital Drives 590 Series Integrtor
Allen Bradley PLC Controls
Push Button Opeator Station
Allen Bradley Digital Readouts

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