24´´ x .187´´ x 20,000 Lbs. Loopco Slitting Line (Used)
Inventory #: VX-1643


General Specifications:
Manufacturer: Loopco
Year Manufactured: 1973
Gauge Thickness: .020"-.187"
Coil Entry & Exit I.D.: 20"-24"
Weight Capacity: 20,000 Lbs.

Coil Car, Above Floor
40" Wide
60" Diameter Coils
Single Cylinder
Self-Contained Hydraulic Unit
Uncoiler, Loopco
32" Wide
Sliding Base
Water Cooled Brake
3 HP Feed Up Gear Motor
Air Clutch
Hydraulic Expansion
15-1/2" Drum Size Collapsed, Expands out to 21-1/2"
Peeler Holddown, Loopco, , 20" Peeler Blade, Driven Holddown Roll
Pinch Roll Stand, Loopco, 4-1/2" Diameter Entry Pinch Rolls, Bottom Roll Driven
Side Guide Unit, Loopco, with Dual Rolls on Each Side, Twin Screw Adjust
10 HP Feed Up Gear Motor Into the Loopco Slitter Head
Slitter Head, Loopco
26" Width x 5" Diameter Arbor
Conventional Tooling with Shims
Recoiler, Loopco
30" Wide Drum
20" Diameter Drum
Manual Gripper
Manual Collapse
Line Direction Flow Left to Right
Attached Overarm Separator
Hydraulic Push Off Plate
50 HP, 650-2000 RPM, 500 V Motor, Has Air Brake Between Motor and Gearbox
Exit Turnstile, 2 Arm
Powered Rotation
No Push Off
36" Arm
6-1/2" Gap Between Turnstile Arm
Scrap Winder, Loopco, with Hydraulic Oscillate Eye
Hydraulic Drive Motor with 4 Speed Gearbox
Self-Dumping Design
Dynamic Drive Box

*Pads for the Entry End to Take the Uncoiler to 24" and Pads at the Exit End to Take Recoiler to 24" ID

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