72´´ X .015´´ - .375´´ X 60,000 LBS. CINCINNATI SLITTING LINE (USED)
Inventory #: VX-1645


Manufacturer: Cincinnati
Width Capacity: 72"
Thickness Capacity: .015" - .250"
Weight Capacity: 60,000 Lbs.
Line Direction: Left to Right

Three Arm Turnstile
-64" arm x 60,000#
-7-1/2" c-hook opening
-72" Floor to top of arm
-72" drum face x 18-1/2" -24-1/2" diameter, Hyd. Exp.
-Attached hold down, slide base
-Hyd. feed-up with air clutch and water-cooled brake
Peeler/side guide/pinch roll/ shear unit
-60" Blade, Hyd. In/out and up/down
Shear Blade,
-78" wide blade, hyd. down cut
Cincinnati Slitter head,
-2 heads (Crane removal type)
-74" wide x 10" arbor w/ overriding outboard
- 75 HP DC Motor, 650/1950 RPM, 240 V
Looping Pit, 30'
With cross over table
Scrap Winders, Hyd. Operated.
-Heavy Duty w/ hyd. Oscillating eye
Cincinnati Tension Stand, Roll Type
-w/ Pit table separator, pad type tension unit, Pinch Rolls, & Shear
Exit Crop Shear, Hyd. down Cut
-76" Wide Shear Blade
Recoiler w/ hydraulic push-off
-78" Wide drum x 20" diameter, Hyd. expand with pads for 24"
-4 speed gearbox
-100 HP DC Motor, 650/1950 RPM, 240V
-Free standing Hold-down
Exit Coil Car, Above Floor
-78" Bed, self-contained Hydraulics
Turnstile, 2-arm (UMI)
-84" Long Arms w/ push-off (rack and pinion design)
-Hyd. powered rotate and push off

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