Inventory #: VX-14257


Manufacturer: Pro-Eco
Year of Manufacture: 1983
Width: 80"
Weight Capacity: 80,000 Lbs.
Type: Cone
Coil O.D. Maximum: 84" with clearance for 96" Sprung Coils
Coil I.D.: 16"-30"
Type of Brakes: Water Cooled Pneumatic
Feed-Up Drive: Hydraulic Motor
Lateral Adjustment: Hydraulic Cylinders

Main Housings:
These housings are of welded steel construction incorporating all necessary ribbing for strength of structure.

Shaft and Bearings:
The main alloy steel shaft are supported in grease lubricated anti-friction bearings.

Mandrels (Drums):
This unit incorporates hardened cone type drums with the necessary surface area to accommodate the coil I.D.'s indicated. The cones will be in three replaceable sections. A chain slot will be provided on each cone.

Drag Brakes:
Back tension is obtained by means of water cooled pneumatic drag brakes, complete with pressure regulated valving.

Feed-Up Drive:
The mandrels of the housings are driven for feed-up via gear reducers and pneumatic clutches. These drives are reversible.

Lateral Adjustment:
Each housing is mounted on the machined bronze ways of a steel sub-base, and is laterally adjusted for coil loading and centering by means of hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic Power:
Hydraulic power is supplied by the line hydraulic power unit.

Piping and Wiring:
Machine is completely pre-wired and piped.

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