3´´ (76.2 mm) x .166´´ (4.21 mm) SFM Rafted Tube Mill Line (NEW)


3´´ (76.2 mm) x .166´´ (4.21 mm) SFM Rafted Tube Mill Line (NEW)


New Complete, High Frequency Tube Welding Line is mainly used to weld round tubes. This line utilizes roll forming to process steel strip into various shapes. It is also capable of producing shape steel of various diameters and sizes by high frequency induction welding. LINE SPECIFICATIONS: Vertical Adjustment: 6-3/4" - 11" Single Point Adjustment Rafted UNCOILER: (1) SRET, Double 10,000 Uncoiler, with Pneumatic Brakes, and Hydraulic Expansion SHEAR END WELDER: (1) SRET, Hydraulic Operated Shear End Welder with Entry and Exit guide rolls, and Auto TIG Welder ACCUMULATOR: (1) SRET, Horizontal Accumulator System, matched to the line specifications. FORMING MILL: (1) Leveler, 5-Roll, 2 over 3 (1) Entry Guide Roll (4) Driven Breakdown Stands with Single Point Adjustment (3) Driven Fin Stands with Single Point Adjustment (8) Idle Side Roll Units HIGH FREQUENCY WELDER: (1) San Fang 300 KW High Frequency Solid State Welder (1) Cooling Pump, Tank and Heat Exchanger Machine Efficiency: 82% - 85% WELDING SECTION: (1) Seam Guide (1) 3-Roll Weld Pressure (1) Double Bead Scarf Remover (1) Ironing Roll Stand (1) Coolant Zone, 19 Ft. (6000 mm) Length SIZING MILL: (4) Driven Sizing Stands with Single Point Adjustment (4) Idle Side Roll Stands (2) 4-Roll Turkshead Units DRIVE SECTION: (1) Forming Motor: 100 HP/75 KW DC Motor (1) Fin Motor: 100 HP/75 KW DC Motor (1) Sizing Motor: 147 HP/110 KW DC Motor Complete Gearboxes and Drive Shafts ELECTRICAL: All Electrical Controls are USA built by Universal Control System FLYING COLD SAW SYSTEM: (1) Flying Cold Saw, Servo Operation with UCG Control System (1) Run out Table and Dump System (Exit Conveyor is not included,) SPARES: (1) Complete Driven Stand for Spare MISC: Coolant Piping Foundation Anchors and Drawings ROLL TOOLING: 3 Sets of Roll Tooling are included in this quotation. Sizes with be determined at time of order.


Stock NumberVX-17474
ManufacturersSFM, SRET, UCG
DeliverySaw In Stock, Mill, Entry Equipment and Tooling 4-5 Months
Line directionRight to Left
Driven spindle diameter3" (76.2 mm)
Side roll spindle diameter2" (50.8 mm)
Maximum tube diameter3" (76.2 mm)
Minimum tube diameter1" (25.4 mm)
Maximum wall thickness.166" (4.21 mm)
Minimum wall thickness.032" (.812 mm)
Horizontal centers22"
Base to bottom of spindle7"
Forming roll space13"
Fin & sizing roll space8"
Welding speed maximum300 FPM (90 MPM)
Primary volts480 V, 3 PH, 60 Hz
Primary power450 KVA
Output power300 KW
Output frequency300 KHz