Sell Your Equipment

Sell Your Equipment with VX LLC

Metalworking equipment is in high demand, and surplus or used equipment has a large market. Yet, businesses that have this equipment they no longer need are often unsure how to sell it. VX LLC offers help selling used metalworking equipment. For over 50 years, we have partnered with businesses like yours to help you get the most return from your surplus and unneeded equipment, so you can eliminate unnecessary equipment and enjoy the profits.

Types of Equipment We Sell

At VX LLC, we sell all types of industrial machinery. This includes:

If you have any of this or other metalworking equipment, VX LLC will help you find an interested buyer and sell it for a fair price.

Asset Value Determination

As part of our recovery services, we help you determine the value of your assets. We understand the market and the current demand, and we can help you choose the right price for your equipment. This knowledge ensures you maximize the return on your equipment holdings so that you can invest in other areas of your business.

Marketing and Exposure

Once you have valued your equipment, we use the best marketing techniques and tools to get exposure. We have a global customer database of potential buyers and use online and offline marketing to get eyes on your equipment. As a result, you receive immediate exposure across the globe for interested equipment buyers. This increases the chances that you will find someone who wants to buy your equipment.

At VX LLC, we allow our sellers to set a time frame for selling their assets. If your asset does not sell by that deadline, we have a 70,000 square foot facility in Toledo, OH, where we can store it until it finds a buyer. This consignment means you can get the asset off your property until it sells, freeing up needed space for other endeavors.

Selling your metalworking equipment does not have to be complicated. Contact VX LLC today to learn more about our sales options.