At VX LLC, we're proud to provide a vast selection of used steel coil Levelers tailored to your needs. Our Leveling machines, equipped with 13 to 23 small-diameter offset rolls and backed up by additional rolls, ensure optimal straightening while minimizing deflection.

Corrective Leveling machines are engineered to introduce a bend in the rolls, utilizing fully adjustable backups. This design not only reduces shape defects but also entirely removes the coil set. Certain models offer 5HI or 6HI configurations, perfect for surface-sensitive materials like painted or stainless steel.

For the ultimate in corrective leveling, consider Tension Leveling options. These machines level the strip under high tension, causing slight elongation above the yield point. This not only corrects the shape but also relieves most internal stresses.

Ready to upgrade your operations? Don't wait; browse our inventory today to find the perfect fit for your production needs. Should you need any assistance or have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us at VX LLC. We're here to ensure you find the right equipment for your unique requirements.