3200 mm Plate Levelling Machine (Used)

3200 mm Plate Levelling Machine (Used)

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Manufacturer: SKET

Year Manufactured: 1984

Made in: Germany

UBR 40x3150-7/12

Max. width: 3200 mm

Nominal width: 3050 mm

Max. thickness width: 40 mm

Min. thickness width: 12 mm

Max. material speed: 12 m/min

Work rolls:

-Units: 7    -Diameter: 340 mm

Backup rolls:

-Units: 5   -Diameter: 340 mm

Supporting rolls:

-Units: 15   -Diameter: 334 mm

Diameter of feed and eccentric rolls: 380 mm

Electrical motor: 132 kW

Floor space: -L: 3657mm x W: 5486mm x H: 3048mm

Total weight: 105 tons

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Stock NumberVX-10237