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VX-LLC, a Van Deilen Family owned business, specializes in the buying & selling used processing equipment for various industries. The Van Deilen family has been in the used machinery business since 1965.

VX is a full-service company. In addition to the buying, selling & brokering portion of the business, we provide dismantling, packaging, shipping, and installation services.

Our mission is to provide both the buyer and seller of equipment or processes with a value-added service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. VX-LLC will advertise equipment worldwide through our international customer database paired with the most recent media marketing tools to guarantee immediate exposure to the global market of equipment buyers.

The key personnel's major attributes within the VX-LLC team are a balanced mixture of business experience, multi-discipline technical knowledge, process knowledge, and an understanding of international culture and languages.

How Can We Help?

VX-LLC has been in the business of buying and selling used processing equipment for the steel, aluminum, copper, and brass industries for over fifty years. If you’re in the market for quality used metalworking machinery that will allow you to reduce costs and boost production capabilities at the same time, you should go with the company that’s been in the business since 1965.

What sort of proven equipment can you expect to find at VX-LLC?

Slitting Lines - Slitting lines consist of three main parts: an uncoiler, slitter, and recoiler and are used to separate a master metal coil into smaller coils (or mults) to an exact width so secondary users can use it to produce a finished product.

Cut-to-Length Lines - Cut to length (CTL) lines take flat-rolled steel or steel coils, unrolls and levels it, then cuts it to the desired length as a sheet. VX-LLC’s CTL lines can operate in a start-and-stop mode or as a free loop, depending on the gauge of your materials.

Levelers - Levelers remove any flatness defects from material such as edge wave, crossbow, center buckle, or quarter buckle. They also take care of flaws that may not appear until the cutting, burning, or processing of the material.

Rolling Mills - A rolling mill is a specialized piece of equipment used for reducing the thickness of various materials to precise specifications. Rolling mills come in different designs depending on whether your needs are for a stand-alone piece of equipment for processing plates or ingots or as part of a complete coil-to-coil processing line.

Coil Handling Equipment - Coil handling equipment can include coil feeders, coil straighteners, and uncoiler machines used in small and large scale processes.

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If you do not find your desired equipment in our inventory, please let us know your requirements, and we will utilize our connections to locate the right equipment to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more!