72´´ (2000 mm) x .080 (2mm) Trapezoidal Cut to Length Line (Used)


72´´ (2000 mm) x .080 (2mm) Trapezoidal Cut to Length Line (Used)


Model: STRATEGA (Italian made) 29 meters for 7,5 meters space needed approx. 25 ton decoiler capacity 508-610 internal diameter coils accepted max lenght trapeze sheet cut 78.7" (2000 mm) min lenght of sheet 11.8" (300 mm) leveller sixth number of rolls 19 speed production capacity 60 meters per minute. tilting shear magnetic belts stacker. Line composed by : Load cradle for 25 ton Decoiler for 25 tons award spire introduction table Leveller Feeder Towing Pinch roll Tilting Shear Evaquation shear wasting material conveyor belt Magnetic Stacker electrical panels and control hydraulic unit This line has the guillotine that can cut metal sheet with trapez format cause the guillotine can rotate or can be used as a normal cut to length line The tilting shear can rotate abd cut up to 35° on each side


Stock NumberVX-2423
Width79.5" (2020 mm)
Thickness range.016" (0.4 mm) to .079" (2 mm)
Line directionRight to Left
Width of coil15.7" (400 mm) to 79.5" (2020 mm)