Ebner Hydrogen Annealing Furnaces - 8 Available (Used)

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Type: HOg 190/420 St-H2-B, to anneal steel strip coils in Straight Hydrogen Atmosphere Tenchical Data Per Unit: Charging Measurements: Reference Data: Temperature Data: Working Temperature: Core Temperature: CQ: 627 Degree C / 1160 Degree F DQSK: 660 Degree C / 1220 Degree F


Stock NumberVX-32034
DescriptionHICON/H2 Bell Annealers with Gas Firing,
Available(8) Bell Annealing Furnaces
Maximum coil diameter1830 mm /abt 72''
Piling height4200 mm / abt 165"
Working temperature range280 Degree C to 850 Degree C / (10%)
Inside inner cover536 Degree F to 1562 Degree F (10%)
Temperature ceiling inside heating bell950 Degree C / 1742 Degree F
Combstopm system rating1050 kW / 3,600,000 BTU/h
Number of control groups1
Maximum load on workbase80 t / 88 USt
Maximum net charge78 t / 86 USt
Inner cover handlingWith Crane Attachment
Heating bell/cooling bell handingWith Crane Hook
Material to be annealedDQ, DQSK
Type of heat treatmentRecrystallize Anneal
MaterialCQ, DQSK
Cq710 Degree C / 1310 Degree F
Dqsk710 Degree C / 1310 Degree F