4-HI Reversing Cold Rolling Mill (Used)


Built: 1976, Full revamped in 2012 - new electric system & drive system Input thickness: max. 7 mm (.276"), Exit thickness: min. 0.3 mm (.012") New AGC & Isotope AM241 1Ci (Gamma ray) thickness gauge - Pauly GmbH - 2012 Thickness control: AGC FB, FF and mas flow, Mfc.: Pauly GmbH Cooling water: max 2 kg/cm2, (max.32 C degree), Air: max 5 kg/cm2 Mechanical units: Emulsion type filter Paper type filter without precoat Work roll: several lots Electric system: Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Melsec Type: Q3 PLC system, HMI SPC (Statistical Process Control) New ABB DC motor drive system - 2012 - DCS800-S2 The roll bending is positive and negative function with PQ valve (Moog GmbH). Roll force hydraulic unit, Normal hydraulic unit, Lubrication circulation unit Revamped in 2012: Revamped and Reused items: housing, various backup, work rolls with chocks, payoff reel with coil feeder, tension reels, coil cars, motors, spindle and Hoffman type filter Newly attached items: clean/dirty tank, electric control/ABB drive system, AGC/gamma ray thickness gauges, HMI, servo hydraulic system, main roll force cylinder, positive/negative bending, normal hydraulic system, shear, left/right side guides with wiper, left/right reel out board bearings. New foundation drawing, cabling and piping. Pump unit (coolant, Oil mist


ManufacturerL W NASH
Model4-Hi reversing cold rolling mill
Stock NumberVX-17560
Materialhigh carbon, stainless steel, copper alloys, etc.
Rolling speed300 m/min
Threading speed15 m/min.
Speed up/down time25 sec.
Coil widthmax 500 mm (19.7")
Coil max. diameter750 mm (29.5")
Coil weightmax. 6 tons
Rolling force500 tons hydraulic servo cylinder push down type
Back-up rollroll face 610 mm (24"), dia. 524 mm (20.6")
Work rollroll face 635 mm (25"), dia.175 mm (6.9")
Thickness measuringGamma-ray thickness gauge
Mill powermain power AC 220 V & 440 V-60 Hz, 3 Ph
Mill housing1 lot
Universal joint2 sets
Pinion stand1 unit
Pay off reel1 unit
Tension reel with gear box2 units
Payoff off reel gear box1 unit
Payoff reel coil car1 unit
Tension reel coil car2 units
Roll force hydraulic unit1 lot
Normal hydraulic unit1 lot
Lubrication circulation unit1 lot
Roll coolant tank (clean/dirty)13 m³ each
Pump units (roll coolant)1 lot
Temperature control unit (roll coolant)1 lot
Hoffman type filter unit (roll coolant)1 lot
Oil mist system1 lot
Electric control system1 lot
Backup rollseveral lots
Mill motorDC 500 V, 450 kW, 500/1000 RPM x 2 units 440 V
Pay off reel motorDC 500 V, 75 kW, 500/1500 RPM, 440V
Tension reel motorDC 500 V, 300 kW, 440V