1360 MM CEM (Compact Endless Cast and Rolling Mill) Mill for Hot Rolled Coil (Used)


1360 MM CEM (Compact Endless Cast and Rolling Mill) Mill for Hot Rolled Coil (Used)


Slab Size Facilities Ladle turret 2sets, Dummy bar & car, Tundish & car are for sale. Mold, Top zone, Bender, Segment are included in this offer (Roughing mill scale breaker) Make: (Korea, 2014~2019.2) (Rouging mill) Make: Demag (Germany, 1996~2019.2) Type: 4-High tandem mill x 3 stands Bending Force Increase/Decrease WR bender ±1,500kN/chock (Roughing Mill/Pendulum shear) Make: Demag (Germany, 1996~2019.2) Slab dimension Min. slab temperature 825? Shear drive (Roughing Mill/Crank shear) Make: Danieli (Italy, 2009~2019.2) Type: Eccentric shaft type Shear capacity AC Motors Main (Roughing Mill /Pusher & piler) Make: Demag (Germany, 1996~2019.2) (Inductive heater) Make: D.K.K. (Korea+ Japan. 1996~2019.2) Material Dimension Thickness: 10~25mm(Some coils 25~30mm) Width: 850~1,350mm Consist of Power supply systems Inductive heater (Transverse Flux Induction Heater type is excluded from sale.) Insulated disk roller table(17sets × ?250 × 1,500mm) MCB(Mandrel coil box) Make: Danieli (Italy, 2009~2019.2) Material dimension Thickness: 10~25mm Width: 900~1,350mm Frunace Burner Carousel disk Mandrel Quantity: 2sets Drum Diameter: 1,350mm (Roughing Mill/ Leveller) Make: Danieli (Italia, 2009~2019.2) Revamped: (Korea,2013) (Roughing Mill /Crop Shear) Maker: Mitsubishi Hitachi (Japan, 1996~2019.2) Type: Rotary Drum Type Differential Speed Cutting Material dimension Width: Maximum 1,350mm Motor: 2 set, AC 370kW, 870rpm (350% O.L 10Sec) FSB(Finishing mill scale breaker) Make: (Korea, 2014~2019.2) Descaling Header 300 bar Descaling Header(Entry) Top & bottom 1set 400 bar Descaling Header(Delivery) Top & bottom 1set Header height adjust operation Hydraulic Cylinder x 2 per header Movable top header, Fixed bottom header FM(FINISHING MILL) Make: Mitsubishi Hitachi (Japan, 1996~2019.2) Type: F1: 4-high mill F2~F4: 4-high pair cross mill F5: 4-high work roll shift mill Rolling force: 3,500ton/stand Roll opening F1~F3 : Approx. 70 mm (with new roll) F4~F5 : Approx. 50 mm (with new roll) Bending force (Run out table) Maker: Mitsubishi Hitachi (Japan, 1996~2019.2) Run out table Type: Individual Driven Hollow Roller Table Strip cooling system Type: HDC x 6zones + Laminar bank x 10 zones (HSS) Make: IHI-Harima (Japan, 2011~2019.2) Type: Eccentricity type AC 1-90kw x 835rpm (Down Coiler) Maker: IHI-Harima (Japan, 2011~2019.2) Type: Fixed Type, Hydraulic 3-Unit Roll Coiler Material dimension Thickness: 0.8~12.7mm Width: 900~1,350mm (Caster/ Thinckness gauge) Make: IMS (Germany, 2012~2019.2) Model: TIMG-26 (Caster/Profile Meter) Make: IMS (Germany, 2004~2019.2) Model: TIMG-16 Range: 10~34mm (±0.5%) Source: Cs-137, 1850GBq Detector: Ion KG60/CS x 13 Position: After RM (Caster/Width Gauge) Make: KELK (Canada, 2009~2019.2) Model: C765 Range: 1,000~1,300mm (±0.5%) Source: Radiant type Detector: CCD camera Position: After RM (Finishing Mill/ Width Gauge) Make: KELK (Canada, 2012~2019.2) Model: C965A/B Range: 600~1,600 ? (±1.0mm) Source: Radiant heat Detector: CCD Camera x 2 (Finishing Mill/ Thickness Scanning Gauge) Make: IMS (Germany, 2004~2019.2) Model: TIMG-26 Range: 1.0~14 ? (±0.5%) Source: 160kV, 10mA Detector: Ion KG60/50 X 2 Postion: After FM (Finishing Mill/ Multi Channel Profile Gauge) Make: IMS (Germany, 2009~2019.2) Model: TIMG-22 Range: 0.6~30.0 ? (±0.5%) Source: 160kV, 10mA, 4EA Detector: Ion KG20/10 X 56 Postion: After FM (Down Coiler/ SDD) Make: Parsytec (Germany, 2003~2019.2) Model: HTS-4.2 Range: 0.6~30.0 ? (±0.5%) Source: Xenon strobe scope flash light Detector: Array CCD camera Postion: Before DC (Down Coiler/ Width Gauge) Make: KELK (Canada, 2012~2019.2) Model: C965A/B Range: 600~1,600 ? (±1.0mm) Source: LED backlight Detector: CCD Camera x 2 Postion: Before DC (No.1 Roll Grinder) Make: Toshiba (Japan, 1996~) Grinding Type Type: CNC (No.2,3 Roll Grinder) Make: Toshiba (Japan, 1996~) Grinding Type With chock: Work roll Type: CNC Cambering: Max ±5mm Roll Speed: 5~50rpm Wheel Speed: 500 ~ 1,500 rpm (Check Roll Grinder) Maker: Insung (Korea, 2005~) Grinding Type With chock: F1~5 WR Type: CNC(FANUC 18-iTB) Capacity


Manufacturer(Korea, 2009~2019.2)
ModelMovable Top & bottom headers
Stock NumberVX-17482
Casting speed~ 8.0m/min
Metallugical length20m
Mold length1,200mm
Ladle/tundish capacity130ton/50ton
No. of headersTop & bottom 1set
ActuatorGeard motor
Water pressureMaximum 220bar
Rolling force2,500ton/stand
Roll openingApprox. 120 mm (with max. roll)
RevampedDanieli (Italy, 2009)
Max. slab thickness116mm
Min. transfer bar thickness30mm
Max. slab width1,350mm
Maximum cutting force15,275kN
Cutting torque1,833kNm
Maximum cutting speed20 m/min
Motor power1,000 Kw x 2sets
Motor base speed1,000 rpm
Shear reduceri=1/40
Max cutting speed range18 ~ 64m/min
Eccentric diameter600mm
Cutting force15,000kN
Max material thickness35mm
Max material width1,350mm
Min cutting temperature825?
Power1,200kW x 2sets
Speed1,500/2,500 rpm
Maximum piling weight45ton
Heater typeTFIH, LFIH Mixed
Operating temperature1,100?
Maximum temperature1,150?
Capacity756,000 kcal/hr
FuelCOG for main, NG for pilot burner
Drum diameter5,100mm
Drum face2,150mm
Slot length1,650mm
Slot openingApprox. 80 mm
RollD400mm x L1,500mmx 4sets
Motor75kW x 1,500rpm
Gear ratioi=1/16
MaterialSS400 Grade
Cutting thicknessMaximum 30mm
Shearing forceApprox. 5000KN
Cutting cycleMinimum 5.0sec
OperationHydraulic Cylinder operated type (W/S, D/S)
Up down strokeApprox. 110mm
IncreaseF1~5, 1,200kN/chock
DecreaseF1,F5, 900kN/chock
Roller sizeD310mm x L1,500mm
No. of rollers189 rollers
Table speedMaximum 798 mpm
Roller coolingExternal & internal cooling mixed
Hdc flowApprox. 6,072m3/hr
Laminar flowApprox. 12,620m3/hr
Cutting strip0.8 ~ 3.0mm
Cutting speedMax. 798mpm
Drum driveDriven by one motor through pinion stand
Reduction uniti=1/2.324
Coiling speedMax. 798mpm
Coil outside diameter1,000~1,950mm
Range60~120mm (±0.5%)
SourceCs-137, 1850GBq
DetectorIon KG60/CS x 19
PositionAfter caster
PostionAfter FM
With chockPinch roll, work roll
Without chockBack up roll
CamberingMax ± 5mm
Roll speed4 ~ 40 rpm
Wheel speed500 ~ 1,500 rpm
Swing over bedover 1,000mm
Distance between center6,000mm
Roll dimensionD500~800mm x L6,000mm
Roll with chock weightMaximum 18ton