6-5/8” Rotary Fine-cut Saw Cutoff Machine, Nakata (Used)

6-5/8” Rotary Fine-cut Saw Cutoff Machine, Nakata (Used)

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Rotary Fine-cut Saw (RFS) Cut-off Machine outlined herein is a pinnacle of the Flying Cut-off machines for the pipe production of round, square and rectangular shapes. The two tip saws disposed on the surface of a rotating disk, being controlled by the AC servo-motors, assure you to attain the marvelous cut-off face for both the carbon steel and stainless steel tubes and pipes. a) Product Specs Material Carbon steel, Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Galvanized Max. Yield Strength 60,000 psi Size range: Rectangle: Min. 1.5”, Max. 7.5” (H:V .3:1) b) Line Specs Max line speed 250 ft/min. Pass line FL + 1,000 mm, Pipe bottom constant (to be confirmed) Flow direction From right to Left from operator’s side (to be confirmed) Line Includes a) Cut-off machine (Carriage/main body) Type RFS 200-75 Saw blade f355×3.1 ×84z or 90z tungsten carbide tip saw 2pcs. Number of cut Max. 8 cuts/min. Motor for disk rotation Worm Gear style 22 kW/1500 rpm AC servo motor 1pc Motor for saw blade driving 15 kW/1500 AC servo motor 2pcs. Saw blade cross feed Ball screw style 5.5 kW/1500 rpm AC Servo Motor: 2pcs. Saw blade Peripheral speed 400~600m/min. Cutting & turning Control NC control Saw blade lubricating method Oil mist method b) Pass-height adjusting equipment Carriage elevation Jack-up type by 6 jacks Elevating motor AC motor 0.75 kW, 1500rpm with reducer i=1/40 2pcs. c) Carriage driving equipment Carriage driving system Rack & pinion style 51 kw/1000 rpm AC servo motor: 1pc. Control system NC control Rack & pinion lubricating method Oil mist method Traveling stroke Approx.3500 mm d) Clamping equipment Arrangement 1) Entry side: 1 unit equipped within the main body Hydraulic operation (Air blow unit is attached) Clamping from 4 directions 2) Exit side: 1 unit Hydraulic operation (Air blow unit attached) Clamping from 2 directions Material: Hardened steel with surface polishing e) Measuring roll stand Method Roll contact by use of pneumatic cylinder or spring Roll material Hardened steel with surface polishing to be equipped on the mill side f) Guide roll on carriage Roll arrangement 2 units for each entry and exit of cutting head Type Vertical and horizontal shaft Adjustment method manual Material of roll Hardened steel with surface polishing g) Chip conveyer Conveying method Combination of horizontal and vertical conveyors h) Hydraulic unit Normal pressure 140 kg/cm2 Discharge 23 L/min Motor 7.5 kW 4 poles Tank 100L, with fan cooler & accumulator i) Control and Operation panel Operation 1 panel j) Capacity (for reference only) Cutting speed: This will be determined by combination of pipe size and line speed.


Stock NumberVX-23249
Round1.900” ~ 6-5/8” (48.3 ~168.3 mm)
Square1.5” x 1.5” ~ 5” x 5” (38 x 38 ~ 127 x 127 mm)
Cut length15 ~52’
Wall thickness.074” ~ .280” (1.88 ~7.11 mm)
MaterialHardened steel with surface polishing
Pump variable capacity typepiston pump
Accuracy±5 mm (at 12 m length)
Available line speed (m/min)See Attached