Bullard 56´´ Dynatrol Vertical Turret Lathe (Used)

Bullard 56´´ Dynatrol Vertical Turret Lathe (Used)

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3-Jaw Universal Chuck with 9 extra slots 20 Speed Headstock Standard .250 fd range No Ram Heads Hydraulic Cross Rail Binders Remote Electronic Speed Control R.H. Remote Feed Brackets Bullard chrome ways on cross rail and R.H. bed way Auto trabon air type lube system with warning light Standard Duty Oil Chiller Unit 5 Sided Power Index Turret Head Power Index Side Head V Belt Drive


Stock NumberVX-23161
Table diameter56"
Height under rail46"
Table speedsInter. Speed range 5.47 to 200 RPM
Table height37"
Motors50 & 10 HP Thermoguard Motors