36´´ x .0006´´ FOIL COATING LINE (USED)

36´´ x .0006´´ FOIL COATING LINE (USED)

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General Line Specifications: Gauge: 0009" - 0006" Width: 32" - 36" Option for non-chrome Production mode for processing aluminum foil gauges for use in commercial core type aluminum honeycomb blocks Line is capable of edge-trimming, cleaning, drying, passivating, sealing, coating (solid or stripes) and rewinding continuous sheet of aluminum foil. Line Parameters: Time To Decelerate To Zero Speed: 20 seconds quick stop from max speed Modes of Stopping: Emergency Stop: Quick Stop: Fast deceleration of the drive system with tension control active (@ 20 seconds). Modes of Operation Plant Supply: Ambient Conditions: Line Includes: Unwinder Hydraulic Unit Fife Unit 1 Slitter Boiler Cleaning Tank Vent Fan Helper Drive 1 Cleaning Air Knife 1 Rinse Air Knife 2 Infrared Oven Air Knife 3 Fife Unit 2 CRX CR3 Coater Oven 1 Air Knife 4 - Cooling Roll Fife Unit 3 Seal Coat Oven 2 Air Knife 5 Fife Unit 4 #1 Cooling Roll Drive Fife Unit 5 Printer Oven 3 Cooling Roll #2 Cooling Roll Drive Vision System Fife Unit 6 Dancer Fife Unit 7 Windup


Stock NumberVX-5042
Process foil coating lineFoil Coil Line
Max line speed175 FPM
Line thread speed50 FPM
Time to accelerate to max speed45 seconds
Time to decelerate to zero speed45 seconds normal stop from max speed
Normal stopDeceleration with tension control active (@ 45 seconds).
Section jogAll Sections
Progressive jogAll Sections
Line runAll Sections
ThreadingAll Sections
Ac line480VAC, 3ph, 60Hz
Service power115VAC, 1ph, 60Hz
Altitude<1250 feet
Drive enclosure temperature40 Degree C (104 Degree F)
Motor temperature40 Degree C (104 Degree F)