78´´ (2000mm) x 6mm x 30 Ton Fimi Loop Slitting Line with 2 Heads Year 1997 (Used)

78´´ (2000mm) x 6mm x 30 Ton Fimi Loop Slitting Line with 2 Heads Year 1997 (Used)

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Thickness Range: 2mm - 6mm Entry Coil ID: 610mm - 760mm (24" - 30") Line Speed: 60 - 120 Meters/Min (200 - 400 FPM) Thickness Cap. - 2.0mm - 6mm (.080"- .250") 23 cuts of 2.0mm @ 120M/M (400FPM) 16 cuts of 3.0mm @ 120M/M (400FPM) 10 cuts of 6.0mm @ 60M/M (200FPM) Consisting of: Two entry coil cars Mandrel uncoiler, hydraulic expansion, sliding base, DC generator dynamic brake, recirculating oil gear box. Peeler hold down roll combination Pinch roll with three roll coil breaker Crop Shear, hydraulic Photo cell edge control Edge guide unit, four rolls with pinch rolls Slitter: Two double eccentric heads, motorized "swing out design," 260mm diam., arbor (10 1/4"), 16:1 gear box ratio, 145KW Scime C. motor (200 HP) 720-1880RPM, automatic hydraulic clamping on slitter base for quick change. With full comlement of shimless tooling Loop pit clam shell table Scrap baller, hydraulic, auto wind, self eject. Tension stand, continuous friction contact, powered entry pinch rolls, automatic carpet feed system. Bridal strip feed, for automatically delivery of the strip to recoiler mandrel. Recoiler: All hydraulic drum 360 degree collapse, 86" mandrel face, recirculating oil gear box, 2 speed input gear box, 195KW Scime DC motor (265HP) 924-2100RPM, double overarm seperator for quick change. Exit coil car Storage coil rack Turnstile, four arm, powered Electrics, Reliance "maxitron" solid state Tooling, line is fully tooled for multiple two head set-ups- Tooling is shimless Vickes Hydraulics


Stock NumberVX-1654
Coil capacity30 Metric Ton
Exit coil id508mm & 610mm (20" & 24")
Max coil od2200mm (86")