72´´ x .125´´ x 40,000 Lb. Stamco Slitting Line (Completely Rebuilt, Like New)


72´´ x .125´´ x 40,000 Lb. Stamco Slitting Line (Completely Rebuilt, Like New)


Completely Rebuilt, Like New No Electrics Line Includes: Entry 4 Arm Turnstile: 40,000 Lb. Max Coil Hydraulic Rotation Hydraulic Positioning Detent New Valves Entry Coil Car: 40,000 Lb. Max Coil Scissor Type Spool/Pup Coil Pivoting Dump Off New Self-Contained Power Unit New Valves Uncoiler With Hold Down: 40,000 Lb. Max Coil x 96” OD Max Coil 4 Segment, 16” Diameter x 72” Face Mandrel Hydraulic Wedge Type Expansion Sliding Base for Coil Centering 3:1 Ratio Main Gearbox Forced Oil Lubrication New Water Cooled Brake New Hydraulic Thread Drive and Clutch New Valves Pivoting Extending Type Peeler: New Pivot Cylinder New Main Frame New Valves Entry Pinch Roll: 8” Diameter Pinch Rolls New Lower Roll New Roll Covering New Drive Base New Hydraulic Thread Drive New Thread Drive Reducer New U-Joint New Valves Side Guide With Anti-Flutter Roll: New Machine Centers and Stabilizes Strip Hydraulic Retraction for Slitter Change Out New Valves Slitter Head and Drive and Main Base: (2) Lift Off Slitter Heads: Double Eccentric Type New 6.5” Diameter Arbors New Arbor Bearings New Main Base: New Hydraulic Wedge Clamps New Drive Jaw Couplings New Valves Slitter Drive: New Main Reducer New Jaw Couplings New Air Actuated Jaw Clamp New Valves Side Trimmer: (2) Lift Off Side Trimmer Heads Single Eccentric Type New Arbor Bearings New Drive Shaft Assemblies New Jaw Couplings Pro-Eco Precision Leveler: 6-Hi Configuration (19) 1.750” Dia. x 96” Work Rolls (21) Full Face Intermediate Rolls (9) Flights of Back-ups (7) Back-up Flights Motorized Internal Cleaning System Extensive Spare Parts Exit Shear: PM Downcut Crop Shear Reground Shear Blades Rebuilt 25 Ton Jacks New Hydraulic Drive System Terminal Equipment: New Machine Exit Deflector Roll Exit Threading Table Overarm Separator New Valves Recoiler: 20” Diameter x 84” Face Mandrel Exchangeable Quill Type Mandrel 40,000 Lbs. x 96” OD Max Coil Hydraulic Expansion and Gripper Hydraulic Push Off Plate New Main Reducer New Forced Lubrication System New Valves New Reducer Specifications: Manufactured in 2020 32.823:1 Exact Ration 700 HP @ 1781/2400 Input Rating Bearing Life 10,000 Hrs. Min. Helical Gearing Case Hardened and Ground AGMA Class 10 Quality Outboard Bearing: Provides Additional Support for Recoiler Mandrel Hydraulic Pivoting Arm Style Hydraulic Extending Nose Pin Exit Coil Car: Scissor Type Coil Car 40,000 Lbs. Max Coil Spool/Pup Coil Pivoting Dump Off New Self-Contained Power Unit New Valves


Stock NumberVX-1675
Width78” Max incoming, 72” Max outgoing
Thickness.012” Min, .125” Max
Incoming coil id16” Dia.
Outgoing coil id20” Dia.
Coil diameter96” Max incoming and outgoing
Coil weight40,000 Lbs. Max
Line speed400 FPM / 800 FPM
Line directionRight to Left