60´´ x .187´´ x 50,000# Loopco Loop Slitting Line with 2 Heads (Used)


60´´ x .187´´ x 50,000# Loopco Loop Slitting Line with 2 Heads (Used)


Slitting Line Data: 75,000 psi max for stainless steel Strip Thickness: 0.015" - 0.1875" Line SPEED: 220 FPM - 1200 FPM Specifications: Slitting Capacity: 0.1875" X 60" Wide X 50,000 Lbs. Equipment: 50,000# Loopco Entry Coil L Type Car Self-Contained Hydraulics 48" Bed Width Approx. 13" From Floor to Bottom of "V" Cradle Loopco Mandrel Uncoiler 18" - 20" ID Capacity 24" Bolt on Pads Hydraulic Expansion 62" Mandrel Face 4 Segment Mandrel Sliding Base Hydraulic Motor Threading Drive Wichita Water Cooled Brake & Cooler Combination Peeler / Hold-down Unit Urethane Covered Roll W/ Banding Slot North American Edge Control 62" Loopco Entry Crop Shear Hydraulic Down Cut Design Entry Side Guides Entry Driven Pinch Rolls 2 Loopco Slitter Heads 5" Diameter Arbors Double Eccentric Adjustment Slitter Drive 75 HP DC Motor Threading Drive Swinger Design Heads Scrap Winder Left and Right Winder Hydraulic Pit Table with Tension Stand Air Control Of The Tension Loopco Recoiler 20" Diameter x 62" Face Drum Mechanical Donuts Hydraulic Expand and Collapse 24" Diameter Plates Hydraulic Pushoff 100 HP DC Motor 850 RPM Base Speed - 1800 Max RPM Speed 2 Speed Gear Box: 29.16: 1 & 75.55: 1 Ratios 50,000# Loopco Exit L Type Coil Car Self-Contained Hydraulics 48" Bed Width Approx. 13" from Floor to Bottom of "V" Cradle Shimless Tooling, Knives, 0.375" and 0.625" Wide X 7.5" OD Steel Spacers and Rubbers Included Entry and Exit Hydraulic Units Fincor Digital Drives and Controls Operator Push Button Stations Complete Line Can Be Inspected Under Power And Operating


Stock NumberVX-1649
MaterialCold and Hot rolled carbon Steel
Shear strength50,000 psi max for carbon steel
Maximum coil weight22.7 tons (50,000 lbs.)
Coil width62" Entry, 60" Exit, 18" minimum
Coil od35" to 79"
Coil id20" to 24" Entry, 20" Exit
Incoming power460 VAC 3F 60 HZ, 400 amps.
Line directionLeft to Right