56´´ x 50,000 Lb. Monarch Stamco Slitting Line (Used)


56´´ x 50,000 Lb. Monarch Stamco Slitting Line (Used)


Gauge Range: 024" - 0.135" Stainless Steel 024" - 0.1875" Aluminum Equipment List 4-Arm Entry Turnstile Entry Coil Car Uncoiler w/ Outboard Bearing Support Peeler Table Entry Unit w/ Pinch Rolls & Crop Shear Slitter w/ Two (2) Slitter Heads (x1 Head 56" Max. Width, x1 Head 60" max. width) Two (2) Sets of Knives, Spacers & Rubbers One (1) Slitter Tooling Rack One (1) Scrap Winder Herr-Voss 6 HI Strand Extensioner (19 Rolls, 1.75" Dia.) w/ Pit Carry-Over Travel Existing HMI and PLC should be upgraded Exit Unit w/ Tension Roll & Crop Shear Rewind Mandrel Unit Exit Coil Car 4-Arm Exit Turnstile w/ Pusher Downender Entry Packaging Roller Conveyors Slit Coil Banding Table Exit Packaging Roller Conveyors Aux. 1 Ton Jib Crane - Recoiler Setup Aux. 3 Ton Slit Coil Crane How Many Hydraulic units Electrical package (operator stations, controls panels, etc.) 460V /3-ph/ 60 Hz Partial Drawings, Manuals & Documentation Partial Safety Fencing


ManufacturerMonarch Stamco
Stock NumberVX-1681
DirectionLeft to Right
MaterialStainless, Aluminum, Painted Carbon
Coil weight50,000 lbs entry & exit
Coil width24" min, 56" max.
Max. coil o.d.72" Entry & Exit
Min coil o.d.26" Entry & Exit
Coil i.d.20" Entry & Exit
Line speed300 FPM
Electrical supply460V/3Ph/60Hz
Slitter arbor dia.9"
Slitter hp100 HP
Min. malt width2" Min.
Min. side trim1/4"
Spv/paper applicationYes