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Runs Hot Roll, Galvanized, Stainless and Cold Roll 72" Wide 20,000 Lb. On 40,000 Lb. Off Pup Coil Section: Includes: Coil Ramp (For Pup Coils) Cone Uncoiler for Pup Coils, 8" Diameter Solid Stubs Hold Down Straightener 7 Roll (3 Over 4),With 6" Diameter Entry Pinch, Approximately 4" Diameter Rolls X-Ray Shear, 76" Blade, Hydraulic Downcut, Single Rake Table, 12' Long Solid Side Guide 'L' Bracket (No Rollers) Center Screw Pinch Roll, 76" x 6" Diameter Rubber Coated Feed Table (Hydraulic Up/Down) Coil to Coil Section: Includes: Coil Car, 20,000 Lbs. Weight Capacity, 49" Wide Bed, Hydraulic Uncoiler,74" Wide, 20,000 Lbs. Weight Capacity, 18" to 25" Hydraulic Expansion, Hydraulic Slide Base, Attached Driven Hold Down, Hydraulic Feed Up Orbit Motor with Wichita Air Clutch & Brake Peeler Table, 78" Wide, Hydraulic Up/Down & In/Out Side Guide 'L' Bracket Type (No Rollers) Single Centering Screw Pinch Roll Double Rolls, 76" Wide x 6" Diameter Rubber Coated Welder (Taylor Winfield) Prep/Lap Seam, 200 KVA, 440 Volt, 60 Hz, With Entry & Exit Clamp Shear & Weld Wheel (Note: Once Weld Complete Total Thickness Equals 110% of original gauge thickness can roll thru Mill) Exit Side Guide and Pinch Roll Table, 5' (Fold Down Type) Side Trimmer (Stub Type), with Entry & Exit Pinch Rolls Scrap Baller Side Guide Unit 'L' Bracket Type Tension Stand (Pad Type), 76" Wide Feed Table (Fold Down Type) to Recoiler Recoiler, 40,000 Lbs. Weight Capacity, 78" Wide x 20" Diameter Drum, With Hydraulic Gripper (Left to Right), Hydraulic Slide Base, Attached Hold Down with Hydraulic Push Off Plate, 60 HP DC, 850/2550 RPM, 500 Volt, Baldor Motor, Chain & Sprocket Drive from Gearbox to Mandrel Shaft Coil Car, 40,000 Lbs. Weight Capacity, 68" Bed Width, Freestanding Hydraulic Unit & Reel for hydraulic hose


Stock NumberVX-13033
Gauge range.017"-.098"
On foundationUnder Power