72" x .250" x 50,000 Lb. Bradbury Cut-To-Length Components (Used)


72" x .250" x 50,000 Lb. Bradbury Cut-To-Length Components (Used)


General Specifications:

Year of Manufacture: Various (see below)

Materials: HRS, CRS, P/O, Galvanized

Coil Width Range: 12- 74" (approx.)

Thickness Range (Uncoiler/Peeler): .060- .250" @76,000PSI Yield

Thickness Range (Shear): .060- .375" @60,000PSI Shear

Min. Yield: 36,000PSI

Max. Coil Weight: 50,000#

Coil I.D.: 18.5-24.5" with Variable ID Risers

Max. Coil O.D.: 84"

Line Direction: Left to Right

Sheet Length: 18"- 24'

Mode of Operation: Start/Stop

Line Speed: 0-150FPM (approx.)

Max. Finished Bundle: 20,000# @ 20'


Entry Coil Car- Strilich (1997)

-Mast Type

-Floor Mounted

-Powered Lift and Traverse

-Pendant Control

*Hydraulics supplied by exterior unit

Uncoiler- Strilich (1997)

-Floor Mounted

-Mandrel Type with Pumpkin Tooth Segments

-Bolt-on Risers (Multiple ID's, some do not fit "as is")

-Powered Expansion

-Hydraulic Feed-up Motor with Wichita Clutch

-Hold-down with Powered Snubber Roll

-Wichita Water Cooled Brake

-Slide Base

-Water Cooler for Brake

Entry Unit- Bradbury (1997)

-Tail Guard

-Extending Blade Peeler

-Powered Side Guides

-Lip Deflector with Cross-over Table

Entry Unit to Shear- Bradbury (1997)

-Powered Side Guides

-Powered Entry Pinch Rolls


High Speed Shear- Cincinnati (1995)

-Model #2508G

-Single Rake Blade with a 98.750" wide Face

-.375" Mild Steel Capacity

-Down-cut Mechanical Actuation

-15HP AC Motor

-Wichita Clutch

Stacker- Strilich (1997)

-"Slide-out" Drop Type

-Powered Side Tampers

-Powered End Stop

-Split Powered Roller Conveyor

-Valve Bank

End Discharge Conveyor- Strilich (1997)

-Powered Roller Top

-24' long

Hydraulic Unit

-30HP AC Motor

Control Consoles

-Misc. Control Consoles


-NO Electronics of any kind included with sale

Drawings and Manuals

Spare Parts

-Snubber Roll for Uncoiler

-Two (2) Spare Blades for Shear


Stock NumberVX-2426