74” x 63,000 Lb. Fagor Blanking Line

74” x 63,000 Lb. Fagor Blanking Line

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Max production speed: 10 min. - 90 max. spm

coil feed Gauge: .3 mm - 3.43mm

             Coil width: (305 mm – 1880 mm) 12"-74"

             Coil feed length: (305 mm – 3048 mm)   12"-120"

             Coil weight: 63,000 Lbs.

             Coil OD inch: 30.5"-76"

             Coil ID inch: 20"-24"

             Coil feed accuracy: ±0.18 mm

             Diagonal difference: .040”

             Trapezoidal shear / thickness: .33 mm - 3.43 mm


Trapezoidal shear / coil width: (1880 mm) 74"

             Trapezoidal shear / turned angle: ±30° Degree

             *scrap hole exist or not: no

             Equipment around unique DIE exist or not: exist

piler      Sheet stacking / sheet width: (305 mm -1880 mm) 12"-74"

             Sheet stacking / sheet length: (406 mm – 3048 mm) 16"-120"

             **stacking guide exist or not: exist

             Max piling height: (762 mm) 30"

             Piling table exist or not exist: exist

             piling table max. capacity: 25,000 Lbs.


*None of our presses have scrap holes. 

Scrap is removed by under die conveyors.


Equipment consists of:

Coil staging station

Coil Transfer car


Entry unit with, peeler, pinch rolls and crop shear

Leveler with interchangeable cassettes and independent backups.

  • 40mm Diameter, 19 Work Roll, 6-Hi Cassette
  • 15 Work Roll Cassette, Diameter TBC

Shallow loop catenary


Roto-oscillating flying shear: this has a cracked frame and is currently non-operational. Fagor has previously quoted a complete replacement shear and electrical upgrade.

  • The roto-oscillating shear was capable of straight cuts, trapezoids and has an interchangeable wave die cassette.

Stacker: 2-station magnetic overhead belt type with stop and drop capability.

Drives and Controls are original ABB and Yaskawa units.


Stock NumberVX-2445