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General Specifications

Condition: Excellent w/Little Use (All mechanical has been checked.) 

Year of Manufacture: Installed in Approximately 1995, Shutdown to be Re-Installed in 1999 

Material: Stainless, Aluminum, High Strength Steel 

Mode of Operation: Loop, Helper Drive, Pull Thru (Three Modes Possible) 

Maximum Tensile Strength: 100,000 PSI 

Maximum Shear Strength: 65,000 PSI 

Maximum Yield Strength: 80,000 PSI 

Maximum Width: 74" 

Maximum Thickness: .500" 

Thickness Range: .040" - .500" 

Maximum Coil Weight at Uncoiler and Recoiler: 80,000# 

Entry Coil ID at Uncoiler: 20" to 24" 

Exit Coil ID at Recoiler: 20" 

Entry Coil OD: 36" - 80" 

Exit Coil OD: 36" - 80" 

Line Speed (Full Torque): 150 FPM 

Maximum Line Speed: 500 FPM 

Maximum Slitting Capacity w/60,000 PSI Tensile: 4 Cuts of .500" 

6 Cuts of .375" 

8 Cuts of .250" 

14 Cuts of .187" 

16 Cuts of .135" 

21 Cuts of .060" 

Line Consists of the Following

Pro-Eco Entry Floor Type Coil Car 

- Mast/End Feed Type 

- Floor Mounted 

- Self-Contained Hydraulics 

- Hydraulic Lift and Traverse 

- Powered Positioning Rolls 

Pro-Eco Double-End Cone Uncoiler 

- Wichita High Tension Air Brake System on Both Cones 

- Hydraulic Sliding Base w/Edge Control 

- Feed-Up Drive w/Air Clutch 

Fife or North American Automatic Edge Control 

Pro-Eco 72" x .500" Heavy-Duty Peeler System 

- Power Driven Hold Down Roll 

- Hydraulic In/Out, Up/Down Travel 

Pro-Eco 74" Roll Face Flattener Rolls 

- Powered Entry Pinch Rolls 

- Roller Bearings Throughout 

- Alloy Hardened and Ground Rolls 

- Adjustable Rolls to Set Flatness 

- Motor Clutch System, Forward/Reverse 

Butech 80" Entry Crop Shear 

- Powered Entry Pinch Rolls 

- Down-Cut Type 

- Single Rake Blade 

Pro-Eco Long Rotary Type Heavy-Duty Edge Guides 

- Power Adjustment 

- Individual Width Adjustment 

- Large Multiple Roller Type on Each Individual Housing 

Two (2) Pro-Eco Ejector Slitter Heads on Common Track Base 

- (2)-10.5" Diameter Precision Arbors x 74" Effective Strip Width 

- Set-Up Base for (2) Heads 

- Powered Top Arbor Adjustment 

- Powered Outboard Retraction 

- Speeds from 0 to 150 FPM @ Full Slitting Capacity, 0 to 500 FPM Top Line Speed 

- 150 HP, 0 to 500 V, 650 to 1,950 RPM DC Motor w/Drives and Controls 

Cowles or Equivalent Tooling 

- Full Complement of Knives, Spacers, & Rubber Strippers for 10.5" Arbors 

- Full Complement of Tooling for (2) Separator Shafts 

Design & Manufacture (2) New ASP .500" x 3" x 2,500# Hydraulic Scrap Winders (OPTIONAL) 

- Ejector Type System 

- Scrap Winder Receiving Containers for Automatic Dump System Using Crane 

Build New Hydraulically Actuated Cross Over Pit Table 

Pro-Eco 72" Tension Stand w/Separator Shaft 

- Large Open Type for Threading 

- Dragboard Type w/Heavy Fabric, Quick Side Change Boards 

Pro-Eco Exit Pinch Rolls 

Pro-Eco Recoiler Feed Table 

- For Guiding Slit Strips into Recoiler Gripper Slot 

24" ID Recoiler 

- Hydraulic Pushoff 

- Large Gripper Slot for ½" Thick Material 

- Powered Snubber System 

- 200 HP, 500 V DC Motor w/New Drive and Controls 

- 74" Hydraulic Overarm Separator and Snubber w/(2) Shafts 

Pro-Eco Exit Coil Car 

- Self-Contained Hydraulics 

- Hydraulic Lift and Traverse 

(2) Pump & Tank Units w/Automatic Float Control 

- (1) at Uncoiler Area & (1) at Recoiler Area 

- Necessary Solenoid Valves and Controls at Control Console 


All electrical controls will be Allen Bradley with Eurotherm DC SCR drives (unless otherwise specified). All drives to be regenerative for quick stopping. 

A single enclosed main console or control center complete with appropriate operator station will be included, pre-wired and ready for installation. 

The necessary control console will be mounted at the rear of the machine with volt/phase/cycle input as required. 


All hydraulics will be Vickers or equivalent. 

All hydraulic units will have pressure gauges, relief valves, pressure control, necessary filters, heat exchangers, and pressure shut off sensors where necessary. 

Control will be at the control console, which will be located on the machine or the auxiliary equipment. 


All necessary E-stop pushbuttons where required will be provided. Lockout/Tagout devices will also be provided. The customer is responsible for all safety aspects of the machinery, including all guarding and training of operators and maintenance personnel.


Stock NumberVX-1664