60" x .250" x 50,000 Lb. Cincinnati/Pro-Eco Slitting Line (Used)


60" x .250" x 50,000 Lb. Cincinnati/Pro-Eco Slitting Line (Used)


General Specifications:

Manufacturer: Cincinnati/Pro Eco

Weight Capacity: 50,000 Lbs. In/40,000 Lbs. Out

Gauge Range: .020” – .250”

ID Range: 16” – 20”

OD Range: 72” Max

Line Direction: Left to Right     

Line Includes:

Coil Car

52" wide Deck

72" OD (39" "V" to Side Mast)

Approx 15" from Floor to bottom of "V"

Self Enclosed Hydraulic Power Unit


40,000 Lb. Capacity without Outboard Support, 50,000# with outboard.

61" face on 16" Drum

52" from Center Line of Mandrel to Floor

43" from Center Line of Mandrel to Over Arm Shaft

16" ID 20" with Pads

Hydraulic Grip & Expansion of Mandrel

72" OD

Slide Base

Water Cooled Wichita Brake (to be confirmed)

Hold Down (full width)

Entry Unit

Peeler Table

Entry Side Guides

Entry Pinch Rolls

Crop Shear- 64" width

Gamma Ray Gauge

Slitter Heads, Pro-Eco 

(2) Injector Heads on Rotary Table

9" diameter x 65" face Arbors

150 HP Reliance DC Motor, 500V., 500/2000RPM

Nut All Reducer: 6.14:1 ratio

With full complement of shimmed tooling(51-.5000" wide knives x 13 

3/6" OD & 59- .5000" wide x 13 1/8" OD)

Scrap Winders

Oscillating design

20" wide x 30" dia. Spool

Pit Cross Over Over Table

Pit is approx 13' in length

Progressive Drag Board Tension Stand

64" Face

Separator Bar


40,000 Lb. Capacity, Outboard- Support available to Make 50,000 Lbs. 

20" ID (Pads for 24")

Hydraulic Grip & Collapse of Drum

68" Dum Face

Overarm Seperator

49" from Center Line of Drum to Floor

39" from Center Line of Drum to Shaft of Over Arm Seperator

150 HP DC Motor, 240V, 650/1900 RPM

to a 3 speed Drive All Reducer: 1.00:1, 1.640:1 & 3.40:1

to a Right Angle Reducer: 5:1 ratio

to the recoiler drive gears which is believed to be 1:1

Pro Eco Exit Coil Car

60,000 Lb. Capacity

66" wide Deck

72" OD

Approx 12" from bottom of "V" to floor

Approx 39" from "V" to side mast

Self enclosed hydraulic power unit

Coil Steadies

3 Arm Entry Turnstile Can be had at Extra Cost

61" Arm Length

65" From Floor to top of Arm

6.5" wide x 12" Deep Channel for C-Hook use

Approx 85" total Radius

Approx 33" dia base


Stock NumberVX-1701